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Basic Info
Full Name: Ravaryn Alanza Asenda
Nickname: Rav; Ryn
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (11/06/2020)
Birthplace: Whitefish River (Kaistleoki)
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[Image: xrTeMCt.jpg] Ravaryn Reference
[Image: Kp8EEWU.png] By Lullaby
[Image: c9euKLh.png] By Nic

A dark girl clad in charcoal black, accented with whites and rust-brown. Her fur is rugged and wild with permanently slightly too large paws. Her nose is a soft pink with verdant green eyes. She is blind in her right eye.

"They tried to put me unwritten,
But little did they know I'd write my own stories."
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Ravaryn is a fast-learning, wild spirited girl with a huge imagination and outlook for the future. She wishes to be just like her Mother and Fathers, taking after all of them in a mish-mash concoction. She wishes to explore and learn about everything there is to learn, following her parents and entering them constantly, probably dragging her sister along too. She is fun, bubbly, and has no issues with standing for what she believes in.
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Pack History

Mother: Moonshadow
Fathers: Howl; Connor

Littermate: Shiloh
Siblings: Moonshadow x Firefly Rowan ; Moonshine
Howl x Star Calcifer ; Marble
鈫 Child [11/06/2020 - 11/12/20]
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