Profile of Toad Amelia: Quick Facts
Toad Amelia
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Toad Amelia
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (January 23, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
[Image: american_toad.jpg]
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Profile of Toad Amelia: Details
[Image: toad.png]
Toad is, well, toad-like. Her stocky, generous frame sits on muscled, stout legs. She's shorter than average, but carries a surprising amount of muscle and fat. Her brown coat is dappled with deep chocolates and black markings, while her creamy, fluffy underside betrays her good nature. Just beyond amber eyes are dark stains lining her plump face. Her tail is quite luxurious in contrast to her drab colour — she is thankful she didn't lose it in childhood like actual toads do.
Toad is resilient and stubborn, refusing to be a pushover and having a serious dislike for nonsense. Because of this, she has been called "blunt" in the past and can come across as insensitive to those who don't understand her intent. She is equally soft-hearted as she is terse, and always pleased to see others happy. Toad is affectionate by nature, enjoying cuddles and even playful rough-housing more than the average adult her age.
Toad was the last known litter born to her mother, Amelia. The Crestwood family never gives last names to daughters, so the little brown pup was named simply Toad, after the common amphibian she resembles.

Despite being one of many daughters, Toad always shared a strong bond with her mother. When she turned two, she decided to take her mother's name as her own middle, so that when she finds a mate, there is a legacy passed on by the woman who raised her.

Her favourite part of childhood has always been the stories she was told by both her mother and other members of her pack. To Toad, stories are sacred things that should be cherished and have a responsibility to be shared with others. She has always loved to sing, especially those songs that tell hidden truths.

At four years old, an itch has grown and Toad longs to follow many of her siblings to a place called the Teekon Wilds, as told by Robin. Her hope is to forge a new life, fresh and free of the rules and regulations of her home pack.
Toad has a very large extended family, so only immediate family is listed here.

Parents: Amelia Crestwood x Coon Crestwood
Littermates (Born January 23, 2016): Goshawk Crestwood , Flycatcher Crestwood , Goose
Born May 5, 2012: Robin , Bandit Crestwood
Born January 20, 2013: Dove , Finch , Fox Redhawk
Born May 12, 2014: Ermine , Panther Crestwood
Born March 17, 2015: Sifaka Crestwood , Indri Crestwood , Dingo Crestwood , Chipmunk "Chip"
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