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Summer :)
Played By: Meebee/Bone Daddy
Basic Info
Full Name: Sotiris Timaios Arlli
Subspecies: 75% timber, 25% vancouver island
Sex: Male
Age: 0.5 (01.07.2020)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle, Yuèlóng
At a Glance

[Image: 78becb2b08011ebcb531334f839507d2.jpg][Image: a9b7d569aae3760a2e03a1bc524f0f04.jpg]
Health (10/10)

Shall be borned soon upon a coast elsewhere.
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[Image: 6MDjrrb.png]

"Last time I saw her, she was wearing the sea as her gown. She looked beautiful."

Initial pitch for Sotiris:

"A lanky child draped in gunmetal and ink with splashes of ruddy crimson along his back and tail. eyes hold the same watered-down gold as his sire."


[Image: 1588669382861.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
Inspired by sea turtles and calming piano music. The color teal. Wave vibes. The sound of rain. Suffers from Synesthesia.

Gunmetal, ink and cinnamon
watery golden
Willowy and lanky

"Salvation. Faith. Though his namesake was most likely chosen for its prettiness, it describes the young boy perfectly. Entranced by the beauty around him - a pacifist at best, a coward at worst. A lad on the more feminine side of things. The same poisonous charm as his father, paired with the unpredictability of his dame."

"As he grows older, he will start to notice not everyone can hear what he can. The rushing of the water - the blowing of the wind... so many colors next to the ones he already perceives. synesthesia. Like his hearing, he is sensitive, fragile. He carries the willowy build of his mother, from teenhood to adulthood. The world around him is beautiful and bold - one day, will he be the same?"

29.04.2020 Conceived
01.07.2020 Borned
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Dame: Tzila Arlli
Sire: Astaroth
Clan: None

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