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Finley Grebe
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Finley Grebe
Subspecies: Northwestern wolf (100%)
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (May 6, 2018)
Birthplace: Idaho, USA
At A Glance
Young brown female northwestern wolf, on the medium-small side for the subspecies. Carries herself resolutely with no trace of doubt, but drops the act around superiors.
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Roughly 2.5' at the shoulder and lean for a northwestern wolf. Finley sports a heavy brown coat, darker along the back and fading into paler shades at the underside and paws. Dull hazel/amber eyes.

Has a shallow bite scar by the scruff of her neck, left by a larger wolf, but fur hides it well.

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Finley is driven by a power complex. Barring mistakes of impulse, she is quick to submit when deemed appropriate—and would be just as eager to assert authority if she had any. She lives on high alert, with each new encounter triggering an endless cascade of concerns: What are the dominance-submission dynamics, and if she and the other are on equal footing, how do they stack up physically? Is the other looking for a fight? If they seem calm, why is that? A life without conflict is unfathomable to Finley.

If one was privy to these eternal calculations they might call her high-strung. She thinks herself realistic and aware. Months on her own have also taught her not to show these internal cogs, if it can be avoided; Finley is not a calculating mastermind by any means, but keeps her intentions hidden unless prompted by a superior. Mirroring this, she assumes others have finely-tuned exteriors, and is baffled by those who allow their impulses freer reign.

Law, order, and hierarchy are everything to Finley. Nothing scares her more than a metaphorical open field, and she’s been taught to follow her superiors to the grave if they so command. Why wouldn’t she? Those in the lead have earned their place, surely—and if they haven’t, well, it’s not her place to question them. Of course, she has yet to encounter a circumstance that would put this resolution to the test. And on the other side of the scale—she has yet to hold power over anyone but herself. Fleeting encounters with other lone wolves during the hunt, however, have proven her methodical and unsympathetic.

She’s agreeable, really. Loyal to a fault, even. Just don’t break the rules.

Finley is Lawful Neutral with “Evil” (self-driven) leanings; to her, “I was just following commands” is a valid defense, and those who rebel are guilty by default. She could easily fall into justifying evil in the name of order, given the wrong (right?) influence. On the other hand, although a peaceful and friendly atmosphere would be alien to her and cause something of a crisis, maybe it’d be for the best.
As a pup her name was Flea; no surname, no “Finley,” just Flea. She should have considered herself blessed; most pups in her nomadic pack received no name at all prior to their adulthood ceremony. In the Helios family, “survival of the fittest” was so much more than a mantra, and when youth turned a year old they fought each other for the right to stay home. As the smallest of three, Finley-then-Flea knew that she didn’t stand a chance. But hell if it stopped her from trying. She trained her hardest, even when it meant getting punted to the dirt by her elders, and when she and her siblings went face-to-face at last… she still didn’t stand a chance.

As per custom, losers were banished; if they couldn’t prove themselves worthy of the Sun’s blessing, there was no room for them in the pack. Finley-then-Flea left with her head bowed—but the longer she spent in exile, the angrier she grew. Sure, she’d lost, and sported a scar on her scruff to prove it. But it was only because she hadn’t had the time! With just a little more training, a little more effort, she could’ve kept her place. Finley-then-Flea approached the next pack she found and demanded entry, swearing she’d prove herself to them with time. They did not, however, have the patience for such an arrogant young wolf, and she found herself fleeing with her tail between her legs again.

The exile changed her name after that, still determined to be more than a lowly flea. “Finley” sounded nice on her tongue, and on occasion she followed the gangling grebes like a stray duckling, and thus her current name was born. Exile also gave Finley time to consider her mistakes. Was it that her self-worth was intrinsically tied to a hyper-aggressive concept of “strength”? …No. Of course not. Why would it ever be that. Helios was right to throw her out, as was the other pack she’d so boldly intruded on. She was lucky to have escaped both encounters with her hide intact. Her mistake, Finley concluded, was not working hard enough. And now, on her lonesome, she had all the opportunity in the world.

Thus, for over a year Finley has striven to better herself. What she lacks in brute strength she has attempted to compensate for with stealth; she doesn’t have to worry about being a target if others don’t realize she’s there. By some miracle, she survived the winter—of course it’s proof of her own endurance, and the brief hunting alliances she made with other stray wolves have nothing to do with it. Bonds with wanderers are fleeting; they’re small, in the grand scheme of things.

She’s heard that the Teekon Wilds is home to a wide variety of packs. Finley is keen to pledge herself to the right one before the autumn chill sets in.
Pack History
Lone wolf—2019/05/06–present
Profile of Finley Grebe: Additional Information
Finley takes herself very seriously for a wolf who named herself after an awkward duck.

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