Profile of Umi: Quick Facts
Wild Fauna

Basic Info
Full Name: Umi Karyuudo
Subspecies: Mountain Lion
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 10, 2018)
Birthplace: Beyond Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
A young, inexperienced cat with a broad smile, large eyes, and breathy voice.

100lbs · 27" tall · 6' long
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Profile of Umi: Details

A short, tawny coat covers the slender cat with a handful of juvenile spots still on her paws. She is a feminine beast, youthful in appearance but developing strong and impressive muscles. Black markings, signature of her kind, mark the sides of her mouth. Her eyes, like many of her family before her, have maintained a childhood blue. Their azure colour reflects a naive purity.

[Image: umi-watercolour.png]
A modest creature, Umi has not yet realized her full potential. Missing the company of her mother and siblings, she takes pleasure in her ability to sing. She knows few tunes, and so attempts these days to invent more. She knows little of wolfkind, but has learned from her mother that they are creatures that can occasionally be trusted. Umi's primary concern is finding a home territory, having left her own.
Umi was born just beyond the Teekon Wilds in a place by the sea. Her mother raised her alone, as is customary for catamounts. Her two brothers were a massive pain in the neck, but helped to harden her into an adult. Her brothers left earlier than she did when it came time to find their own way in the world. Umi struggled more with this exodus, as she had formed a very strong bond with her mother.

Since Umi was a late bloomer, Umi's mother forced her away one morning, knowing that her cub could fare well on her own and was not going to leave of her own accord. Though the youngster attempted to establish a home range that overlapped with her mother, she was forced out by other female mountain lions. Thus, she travels, seeking permanent shelter.
Parents — Nantuka Mikate x Baron Karyuudo
        - Kai Karyuudo
        - Sunanoko Karyuudo
        - Umi Karyuudo
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