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Basic Info
Full Name: Colin Forster
Subspecies: Eastern Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (Nov 2017)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At a Glance
"Yes, Ingmar, it's a masterpiece. But it's a dreary masterpiece."
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Priest's clothes: a long black cassock, collared by white. His face, gaunt and defined by anxiety, is the antithesis of the square-jawed and hale politician; there is no American dream here. Tall and unkempt, a windswept artifact of the Northeast, his eyes a callback to overcast skies and acid rain.

Colin's name, derived from a shortened form of Nicholas. He was indirectly named for a saint. The meaning: victory of the people.

Suffers from general malaise and chronic pain. Uncertain whether it is of psychosomatic origin, or a malicious symptom of some deeper problem.

Bites his fingernails in a torture chamber of his own making. Usually quite good at appearing presentable and conversational. Hates being touched. Self-critical and self-destructive despite his declining health. Finds happiness in simplicity and increasingly, the absurd. Strong moral convictions, with a desire to be good, whatever that means.

At the moment: recovering from the recent loss of his son and wife. Grieves in private. Will likely react to any pity or concern with a dismissal; repeated attempts will be rebuffed with more than a little vitriol. Most, of not all, of his smiles are forced, and thank god he's good at faking one. Slowly but surely, his behavior is taking a turn for the erratic and antisocial. Tragicomedically self-aware of his decline and his struggle with his faith.
Ruth Albright (former mate, estranged)
from the Hebrew name Rut, named after the heroine of the 8th book of the Old Testament
Theo Albright-Forster (son, deceased)
Greek roots-- Theodore. means gift of god.
Jonas Forster (brother)
Pack History
WORD OF LIFE CHURCH (2018 - Jun 2020)
LONE WOLF (Jul 2020)
SAINTS OF THE DYING LIGHT (Jul 2020 - present)
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16, he/him, shameless cinephile <- headshot/bust commissions
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