Profile of Célnes: Quick Facts
Whitebark Stream

Basic Info
Full Name: Célnes Déorwine
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (October 16th, 2017)
Birthplace: Kingslend
At A Glance
see - all - ness
she goes by the nicknames of Cel or Seal

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Profile of Célnes: Details
tall and slender, but a prominent coat that does not shield her figure. she is a beauty weaving through the forest; brown like setting sun, her coat of various of shades of the chocolate, majority dark. a mask of dark shadows of the sun, with her pumpkin-eyes searching through with a cooling gaze.

Her coat is notably singed, burn marks are prominent on her sides. However they are currently healing with fur slowly starting to recover what was burned off.

Pack History
mother Ismene
father Bardsley
brother Cenric
younger sister Fréobearn
younger brother Kendrick

maternal aunt Zephrine
maternal uncles Osmond, Grayson, Brewster
maternal cousins Calhoun, Corliss
materal distant cousin Edlyn

paternal uncle Eduart
paternal aunt Yetta
paternal cousins Aethelstan, Alfred, Wymond, Clive, Rohesia, Eadwulf
paternal, distant cousins Zephrine, Edlyn, Averill
Profile of Célnes: Additional Information
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