Profile of Caw: Quick Facts
Seelie Court

Basic Info
Full Name: Caróg "Caw"
Subspecies: British Columbia wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (April 2019)
Birthplace: Northwest Territories
At A Glance
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Profile of Caw: Details
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smaller than average black and white wolf with red eyes, typically accompanied by a single red-eyed crow. the fur of his scruff and neck is threaded through with jet-black crow's feathers.
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+ a curious thing with no common sense and a knack for getting on peoples' nerves.
+ unrelentingly cheerful, he often rides the edge between derision and friendliness.
+ though intelligent, he is still young, and lacks much in the way of wisdom, especially with his eagerness to leave home.
+ unreliable and easily deceived, his willful naiveté makes him appear childish at best, and deeply unsettling at worst.


the child of a coven of witches, caróg was raised in their traditions for his entire youth; their practices largely related to birds, especially crows and ravens and the phases of the moon, essentially comparable to irish mythology. as with all of their children, he was bonded to a bird at a young age; his is a crow named vrána.

though a diligent student of their teachings, and one who believed fully and firmly in all that he has been taught, it was no traumatic circumstance that separated him from his family; nothing beyond curiosity, and perhaps the desire to bring his teachings with him.

unfortunately for caróg, who has adopted the name of caw, he does not have an excellent grasp on english, and there are not many who speak his particular tongue.

Pack History
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GLEANN DEARG: 4/27/19 - 3/15/20
        leanbh, ↑ cleachtóir, ↑ cailleach
LONE WOLF: 3/15/20 - 7/15/20
SEELIE COURT: 7/15/20 -
        soul, ↑ faerie
Profile of Caw: Additional Information
caw is fluent in irish, and is in the process of learning english.
his given name is caróg, though he does not often offer it to people.
thread titles from the tain by the decemberists.

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