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Nine Lives
[small]the highwayman[/small]
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Basic Info
Full Name: Elsinore "Nine Lives" MacKerricher
Subspecies: Yukon wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (Mar 2017)
Birthplace: Interior Alaska
At a Glance

face claim: tim roth from reservoir dogs
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[Image: 819GVnF.png]

Ever heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he keeps saying to reassure himself: So far so good… so far so good… so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land.
La Haine

More than his face (crooked, sharp, an offset nose) and the color of his hair (dirty blond, russet, freckled), Nine is defined by being in a constant state of motion-- more than all his cells and all his organs, his gestural idiosyncrasies are what come together to make him. Covered in little nicks and bruises, where he's picked fights with physics and lost. He does this often.

"...a thrill-seeker-- the same sort of people who make a living out of chasing tornadoes in the Midwest, or a racing driver who feels most at home inside a lightweight chassis going 300 miles per hour, like the sort of person who you want to ask, why would you do that to yourself? to which he would inevitably smile back and answer with: why not?"
Kincaid, sworn brother
Mollie, ex-wife
no kids
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