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Danica RIP
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Full Name: Danica
Subspecies: Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 3.5 (Summer 2011)
Birthplace: X
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Standoffish, Elitist.
Chaotic Neutral
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Profile of Danica RIP: Details
Her coat is cream shot through with ridges of gold and brown. Her eyes are a pale gold as well. She is average in stature.

She has a large scar on her right shoulder and a nearly indetectible limp from back to back injuries dealt by Ferdie Von Pelt and Amekaze.
Born to average parents in your average pack, Danica's family was forced out when she was still young due to their pack disbanding. After a while they found a larger one to join but were the bottom of the totem pole. As a shy young wolf, Danica was pretty much ignored from that time on. After a while she decided that if no one else was going to care about what she had to say, she would. Thus, she learned to speak her mind and not give a damn what anyone else had to say about it. Along with this realization came the (forced) need for a change of scenery, so she left her old pack behind and struck out alone.

She eventually found Swiftcurrent Creek and stayed there for a while, a longer period of time than any pack had held her before. However, after the conflict with the Sunspire and Fox's departure, she was exiled when she confessed her feelings for the new pack's alpha, Bazi. As a result she followed the Sveijarn family in their move to found a new pack on Duskfire Glacier.

Despite having acceptance and a family, she found she was not content here. Becoming especially restless with the turmoil in the pack following a lynx's attack, she set out just as winter began, beginning her journey as a loner once more in perhaps the worst time of year.

A few months later she returned, emaciated after a run-in with a moose caused injuries that prevented her from hunting on her own. Luckily she was found by Shadow. After remaining at the Bypass only a short time, she ghosted about Teekon before running once more into Bazi. The two made amends and she, as a result, signed on at Nova Peak, intending to remain there for good.

Instead she perished on 5/27/15 in a chance run-in with some old packmates.
Pack History
Swiftcurrent Creek:
(06/12/14) Omicron
(06/15/14) Mu
(06/28/14) Lambda
(07/05/14) Iota
(08/02/14) Council Member

Duskfire Glacier:
(08/26/14) Omicron
(09/02/14) Theta
(09/14/14) Zeta
(09/21/14) Epsilon
(10/06/14) Delta
(10/13/14) Gamma

Lone Wolf - 11/26/14 - 04/26/15

Nova Peak
(04/26/15) Eta
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