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Played By: Tehe account go brrrrrrrr
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Full Name: Cheeto
Subspecies: Idk
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 20 (2002)
Birthplace: Somewhere in the 9 hells
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I lost my soul and my sanity in my afro years ago...
Sup nerds, it's a wild cheeto here! I've been taking on wolf roleplay as a hobby since........2015-ish? Yeah, around those years. Anyway, I like anime, webtoons, video games, animals, K-drama/K-pop, and my sense of humor is trash-teir because you totally needed to know that as well.

- Threads are archived after about a month to keep threadlogs tidy and up to date and so timelines aren't messed up. If you wished to continue a thread that I have archived, just contact me! ^-^

- I get distracted/sidetracked really easily because my attention span is all over the place and my anxiety sucks. Things like posting speeds, character muse, and post lengths will be inconsistent af. I advise you not to roleplay with me if this is an issue <3

- Communication is key! I'm not going to know if there is a roleplay issue, personal issue or any other issue unless someone tells me upfront. I'm terrible at reading people, so please communicate with me or It'll most likely fly over my head.

- If you wanna plot/thread with any of my characters, feel free to either DM me or tag one of them in a thread. I favor organic development over simply planning things ooc, but I'm not opposed to being given ideas/possibilities!

- I have no method preference with fighting/combat threads as long as they don't involve powerplay, metagaming, or something similar. I'm not opposed to having my characters controlled if the situation calls for it, but I do not like having it done without my permission (and unless its important to their plot, I usually prefer to keep my "non-fighty" toons away from combat as much as possible)

- ic ≠ ooc; please don't take the stuff in roleplay to heart, as my characters thoughts, morals, and opinions do not align with my own. Of course, there are times where we are invested in the writing so much that we get attached, which I can understand from experience. If this happens please lmk ooc and we can work on an ending if possible!
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