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Full Name: sadhbh (sighv)
Subspecies: gray wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (samhain 2018)
Birthplace: elsewhere
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black coat tinted with earthy brown and haunted, fiery eyes. her coat lightens considerably as her undercoat fills in during the autumn and winter. an observer of the world, her petite frame is often still and statuesque; when she moves, it is agile and quick, graceful as a flame.
she is a spirit of few spoken words, and when she speaks it is with a husky accent woven from haitian creole, french, and irish. though young and yet pliable, her life thus far has taught her that she is a secret to be kept and abandoned. she is self-reliant and a creature of strange ritual.

she is a spiritualist (seer) and naturalist (astronomer and ecologist).
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