Profile of Cynefrid: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Cynefrid Déorwine
Epithet: Fawn/Doe, Nurse
Subspecies: 80% Timber Wolf x 20% Yukon Wolf
Build: Medium/Lithe
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (May 5th, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
Scent: Dried roses and chamomile
Orientation: Heterosexual
At a Glance

Profile of Cynefrid: Details
Cyne's physical appearance closely resembles that of a doe. Her long, slender legs allow for an elegant gait wherever she carries herself and gives her more of a statuesque build. The dame's pelt is a sandy brown with overtones of a much darker oak coloration, speckles of white littering the areas near the rump and tail like drops of snow. Lastly, her eyes are an alluring shade of ruby red that holds a soft innocence to them.

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Old Soul - Maternal - Patient - Soft spoken

Empathetic, nurturing, and affectionate, Cynefrid is a motherly figure to all members of her pack and is devoted to keeping her fellow packmates safe and healthy. Despite being a bit more cautious towards outsiders she does not recognize, the femme is indiscriminately nice to the ones who are proven worthy of trust and indulges in the pleasure of teaching others (especially younger wolf cubs and yearlings) about the High Elk.
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Cynefrid was born as the only surviving child in a litter of stillbirths from a pair of loners. Because she was the only child, her parents gave the majority of their attention to her and the young female was well-loved and cared for as a child. This would sadly change during her teenage years when Cyne's parents were suddenly taken out by hunters while away to find food, causing the young wolf to be forced to leave for safety.

A month of travel and she'd come across a pack of wolves who called themselves Kingslend. She was definitely not trusted at first but was willing to gain that trust by going through with initiation process and, as nervous as she was standing before such an intimidating beast, Cyne was able to pass the test.

The damsel had been living in the pack ever since and has grown into a lovely refined woman. She views those of Kingslend as a family and has been training to be both a healer for the injured and a teacher for the young.

Again, bad luck struck when a fire would devastate all of Kingslend, injuring many (including her) and causing her to flee. Days of travel would draw the female towards the Teekons and is now where she resides whilst searching for the rest.
Pack History
(May 2016 through August 2017)

(September 2017 through July 2020)

(July 2020 through October 2020)

(October 2020 through Present)
Profile of Cynefrid: Additional Information
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