Profile of Calhoun: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Calhoun Déorwine
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (3/23/18)
Birthplace: Kingslend
At A Glance
Handsome and stern though currently he smells of ash and has some light burning along his left side. Patches of fur have been singed or burned away.
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Profile of Calhoun: Details

Calhoun's pelt carries a distinct brown, almost near orange, with creams following along his body. He has darker 'seraph marks' along his back, looking vaguely like four bird-wings.

Like many in his family, Calhoun adorns two bright red eyes. While he is tall in proportions much like the Elk he worships, he is not much bigger than the average wolf. However, his body is rather lean and toned.

A diligent subservient to the High Elk, while shown as a prime example of what to do it shows in an almost elitist way to those, not of his own. Arrogance and trusting toward his family and religion, some may call foolish, but those who are in the same lineage, look in respect. Though only those close to he and his family might see it, Calhoun also holds a playful side reserved for those he respects.
Born into the Déorwine family, Calhoun considers himself blessed by the High Elk to hold his family's name. At an early age, he had devoted his life to appeasing his God for the abundance of life he has provided. With the desire to prove himself and his faith, Calhoun partook in the Déorwine ritual where outsiders gain their name despite already honing it. Approaching the stag with the largest antlers, he stood before the leader and awaited judgment.

After receiving the High Elk's acceptance, Calhoun sought other skills that would benefit the pack discovering his natural talent for hunting. In 2020, a fire was set ablaze within Kingslend and discovered far too late for him to reunite with his family. Abandoning his hunt, Calhoun searched for his family only to come across his parents trapped amongst the blaze who told him to run and preserve the family lineage. With devastation rained upon him, Calhoun now seeks out the new location of the High Elk and questions the reasons behind such vast destruction.

Pack History
Grandparents: Norvella† Stanford† Winfred† Cyneheard†
Mother: Zephrine†
Father: Osmond†
Siblings: Corliss

Aunts: Ismene† Yetta†
Uncles: Brewster Grayson† Bardsley† Eduart†
Cousins: Célnes Cenric Fréobearn Kendrick Aethelstan Alfred Wymond Clive
KINGSLEND — 3/23/18 till 7/6/20
LONE WOLF — 7/6/20 till present
Profile of Calhoun: Additional Information
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