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Basic Info
Full Name: Sigvard
Subspecies: Arctic
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (1st April 2016)
Birthplace: Cold Harbour
At A Glance
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Profile of Sigvard: Details
Thickset and with unkempt fur, his silhouette can appear large and imposing. Battle scars litter his snowstorm pelt, the largest of which is a ragged slash extending from his right shoulder to the elbow of his right front paw from a misfortunate escapade with a bear trap. On his nose lies a patch of fawn ginger, extending to a pale tan towards where soft umber eyes contrast his weathered looks. He can often be seen with a small smile on his face.
Pack History
His mother Estrid
His father Tovar
His littermates Yinka and Hvall

His deceased mate Arilou
His sons Absolute and Gandrad
His daughter Souzie
Cold Harbour (1/4/2016 - 16/5/2018)
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