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Full Name: Zephrine Déorwine
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (August 2nd 2019)
Birthplace: Old Kingslend
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Generally friendly and aloof when around her peers, she is privately a more surly creature who harbors great bitterness towards those of her bloodline while simultaneously being attentive to their biases.

Zephrine wants to prove her worth despite her faults. She has always harbored a deep adoration for the deer that live within the woods, finding a rare peace while observing them, although without any spiritual leanings. Redemption - in the eyes of the fawns - is her primary motivation.

While she is not much of a pugilist, her words can be barbed and oftentimes cut closer to the bone than she intends. Despite her age, the efficacy of childhood bullies and animosity from the more devout Deorwine adults has turned a bright, athletic girl in to one filled with doubt, self-image issues, and intermittent depressive episodes.

One word - ugly.
And they never let her forget it.

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Pack History
The Déorwine.
[Image: kingslend.png] (Trotter)
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