Profile of Izumi: Quick Facts

Seelie Court

Basic Info
Full Name: Izumi Fujiwara
Characters: 藤原いずみ
Subspecies: 25% Grey wolf, 25% Artic wolf, 50% Tundra wolf
Epithet: Japanese Crane
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (November 14th, 2018)
Birthplace: Wisteria Grove (Outside of Teekon)
At A Glance

The girl's features are fixated in what seems like permanent impassivity - her lavender gaze is cold and almost always void of feeling. Looks can be deceiving, however, as her heart is capable of weeping emotion just as any other wolf; the only difference being that she has difficulty expressing it on her face.
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Profile of Izumi: Details

@Theshadowedgrim on Deviantart

Izumi is an unmistakably exotic beauty. The woman carries a delicately lissom body that is supported by long, slender legs. Draped in a silky pelt of frosted whites, the only contrast is the black that stains her ears, "eyebrows", muzzle, spine, and mittens in an exquisite duotone display; like a blank canvas brought to life by ink. Izumi has bewitchingly cat-like eyes of violet that hold a firey energy towards them.

H= 35 inches
L= 74 inches
W= 100 pounds

Current: Melancholic, Curious, Restless


Being raised by parents who will strictly disapprove of anything Izumi did that was thought to be "Out of place", Izumi's mind has since developed a sort of "defense mechanism" that shuts down outward emotions (mostly through facial expression) which in turn caused her 'stone face'. This will slowly dissappear as her character develops more through ic roleplay, so this list will keep track of those milestones.


More to be added soon....
Lost princess of a fallen empire...

Teekon History

‣ Lost and disoriented, Izumi and her surviving siblings escape from their violently conquered homeland and travel miles in search of safety. They are unaware of anyone else who survived the genocide and assumed they'd been killed off.

‣ The siblings eventually arrive to the Teekons after about a month of travel, but are soon separated during the 2020 deluge, causing Izumi to fend for herself.

‣ After many failed attempts at asking around for the whereabouts her brother and sisters (and the increasing suspicion that she might be giving out too much information about her clan), Izumi decides to keep her search a secret and look for a pack that will provide her shelter.

‣ Izumi comes across a kind woman by the name of Lumiya, who proclaims herself to be "Queen of the Faeries" and, intrigued by the ideas and morals which revolve around it, decides to become a member of the Seelie Court as well.

‣ It been a couple of weeks since the dulege had ended and Izumi decides to search for her littermates once again. All goes well once she started picking up the scent of her brother Taro, but rather than having a warm reunion with her brother, she is instead met with his mangled corpse. For the first time in a long time, Izumi would shed tears of sadness due to Taro's loss and go into a state depression, loosing motivation to find her sisters and thinking they had died too.

Lines by @CUTEYAOIFAN-Shey on Deviantart
Pack History
[Image: 20200915-085926.png]

°Taku Fujiwara (Deceased)
°Junko Fujiwara (Deceased)

°Aika Fujiwara
°Chiharu Fujiwara
°Hikari Fujiwara
°Taro Fujiwara (Deceased)

The Fujiwara Clan


Seelie Court
Profile of Izumi: Additional Information
Izumi is an experimental character, meaning her personality and interests shall develop through ic roleplay.

Primary character with no set thread limit.

Credit to @omenaadopts on Deviantart for smol Izumi.jpeg in relations and pfp

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