Profile of Aimi: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Aimi Jiang/鐖卞綄姹
Epithet: Otter/Sea otter
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Build: Small/lithe
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (July 15th, 2019)
Birthplace: Sea Dragon Lagoon
Scent: Seasalt & coconut
Orientation: Undiscovered
At A Glance
[Image: wen-qing-gif.gif]

Stubborn as hell

Often bites more than she can chew

Definitely a tsundere
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Profile of Aimi: Details

Aimi is the embodiment of wet sands against the foamy summer鈥檚 tide. She is a small dame who is draped in mostly sandy browns with a desaturated chocolate that rides from her paws to her thigh/shoulder area. White gently buffs the areas around her chest, cheeks, and lower jawline and through long, gentle lashes peers a pair of large, sea-glass eyes. Being born the runt of the litter, Aimi has always been smaller than average and still is in terms of weight and height 鈥 though, with her current combat training, the fae will eventually gain a more lean, toned physique.

鈥漌ith the ferocity of a raging sea...鈥

Wild hearted ambition makes way for the confidence which radiates from Aimi like a summer's sun. Energetic and naive as all youthful spirits come, and quite the chatter box too.

[Image: back-to-gusu.gif]

Family was never something Aimi took lightly -- she is attached to them by the hip and very protective. Those who gain her trust as close friends are also likely to see this side of the otter, but none put above blood.

[Image: back-to-gusu-1.gif]

Stubborn, salty hothead. Once Aimi gets into an argument, you'll never hear the end of her mouth. She also isn't one to back away from a fight or confrontation -- despite the possibility of her opponent being stronger. FDA approved troublemaker鈩

[Image: Tora.gif]

code by ares

Positive Traits: Loyal, Hard-working, Confident, Passionate, Loving

Neutral Traits: Assertive, Competitive, Alert, Daring, Protective

Negative Traits: Stubborn, Childish, Hot-headed, Possessive, Impulsive

"Has a soft spot for children, but cannot get along with adults for the life of her. As Crabby as her Zodiac sign and (As you might鈥檝e guessed) is pretty much a midget with a Napolean complex."

Growing up in a home that favored males over females and had certain expectations for each, Aimi was jealous of all the praise that men got and grew sick of the preconceived notions others would make of her for being the smallest of her siblings. Because of this, the she-wolf grew up to be more of a boisterous & disobedient rebel rather than the reserved lady she was expected to be. Her behavior was not always well recived, however, and after being fed up with the biased expectations the pack brought onto her, the young otter skittered away to start her own life 鈥 dictated by her own rules. Be as that may, one thing was for certain: Aimi's heart belonged to the ocean and she wouldn't catch herself straying too far from it's shores.

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Siblings (from another litter):


娴烽緳娉绘箹 - July 2019 through August 2020

Lone Wolf -August 2020 through present

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Profile of Aimi: Additional Information
Face claim and voice inspired by Chinese actress Meng Ziyi, who stars in dramas such as "The Untamed".

Credit for pixleart used in "Biography": "KPrincess527" on Deviantart

Credit for pixleart used in "Pack history": "sqdpxl" on Deviantart
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