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Basic Info
Full Name: Condor
Subspecies: Coywolf
Gender: Male
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (August 17, 2019)
Birthplace: New Mexico
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[Image: 25942036_co5tlNrjoR5ni7d.png]

a sharp and angular creature daubed in soft browns, condor carries himself with a presence much larger than his actual size. there is an almost cartoonish disparity between his oversized ears, thin face, and sticklike legs compared to the rest of his body, giving him a decidedly unsettling appearance, as if whoever was in charge of putting him together did their job while drunk. his short-furred coat is impeccably groomed, and two red-pink eyes gleam over teeth just this side of too sharp.

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dramatic bitch. lives for the show. very vain. smooth talker with very little in the way of actual charm. refers to pretty much everyone as some variant of darling, including his siblings, who are the only people he cares about at all. vacillates between calm and gleeful, always with a smile on his face. though he tends to come off as vaguely unconcerned he's capable of a startling level of violence, but to be honest, he's mostly here to vibe. and to steal your food and/or anything he finds interesting.
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sister vulture & sibling buzzard
Profile of Condor: Additional Information
condor is a trans man; you are welcome to have your character automatically know to use he/him for him or assume she/her.

buzzard & vulture are welcome in all of condor's created threads, including private ones.
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