Profile of Solomon Bishop: Quick Facts
Solomon Bishop
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Solomon Bishop
Subspecies: 50% Grey Wolf/50% Bullmastiff
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (October 22, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside the Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Sanity Roll: 2 - WARNING LEVEL RED
Solomon has become enraged. Things are blurry, he’s not himself, it’s almost as if something is controlling him, and he has become extremely unstable. He will attack on site.

You do NOT need to ask to give this character a major injury — major injuries are welcome and I accept IC consequences. I will only question it if it will severely effect timelines, or doesn’t seem realistic.
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Profile of Solomon Bishop: Details
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Art commissioned by Hakaishi

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Standing tall and as heavy with dense muscle as could be, Solomon is a mix of black and grey-tan in an almost Merle type of pattern. The left half of his face is a solid black while the other is spotted with the same merle pattern that’s on display on the rest of his body. The back of his neck is hazel wood and it creeps into a saddle further down onto his back ending at his stump of a tail. While his legs are mostly covered in onyx, they are dappled with Merle patterning here as well.
His head is huge with drooping lips and strong jaws. A number of wrinkles show across his body and his skin flops and droops loosely. His white-blue eyes are a prominent feature along with cropped ears and docked tail.
Lastly, he wears a thick, leather martingale collar around his neck from his previous human family.

Visible Scars:
(In the Teekon Wilds)
None yet.


Overall good physical health. A bit weak atm.

Sanity Roll: 2 - WARNING LEVEL RED
Solomon has become enraged. Things are blurry, he’s not himself, it’s almost as if something is controlling him, or he’s got a few screws loose. Either way, he’s out for blood. Best to keep a distance.

Solomon used to be bright, expressive, and outgoing. That all changed when he got taken away from his family for protecting them and awoke in the Teekon Wilds.
Now he’s easygoing at first glance, but truly there a storm brewing inside and it’s much too easy for others to feel the wrathful plight of his rage. He won’t hesitate to result to aggression.

Solomon had a simple life until it all went wrong one day. His father a lone wolf and his mother a bullmastiff, he was born by accident of course. He remembers his mother crying countless amounts of days for the death of his father. For their human family killed him right before her. Solomon didn’t know what was going on he was only a pup when it happened — only had the chance to see his father a few times before he got shot down.
Either way he only got to stay with his own mother a few more weeks before being given to his new human family. He was depressed and scared being away from his mother. Soon enough he learned the ins and outs of his new life. Since he was a pup he was taught to protect livestock. Wore a thick collar with two inch long spikes on it. His first kill was a small pack of coyotes when he was a year old. Since then, he never hesitated protecting his wooly, sheep friends. Killed many wolves and coyotes alike from that moment on. Then all of a sudden his first family gives him away. Packs him up into a car and off he goes to the second family. He was pissed about being abandoned, confused as to why they did that. He was doing his job! Killing wolves and protecting the livestock.
Though his aggression finally ebbed away when he realized this new human family was fun — he realized that they loved him. His playmate, Luke, was also a wolf mix as well, but he looked much more wolf than him. And don’t get him started on the Yorkie that guarded the bed like it was her lifeline.
All seemed normal until one night someone broke into their house. A bad man, two of them to be exact. He protected his home and attacked them on the spot. Ripping one up to shreds and ended up being stabbed three times by the other one in the shoulder before Luke got the other one. There was so much blood and gore. He couldn’t stop, so blind with anger knowing these men tried to hurt him and his beloved family.
His human family screamed for him to stop and only then was he able to resist the temptation. The cops were called and he was wrongly taken away. Why didn’t they take Luke? Came his panicked mind. He cried and screamed for his family to save him. As he was being taken from then he was roughly grabbed by one of the uniformed men, he acted on instinct. I have to protect my family. Why are they taking me away from them. He spins around and snatched up the cop, he begins ripping him to shreds. A bullet is unloaded into his left, hind leg. It hurts so bad, he’s screaming again. Loud, high pitched whimpers of pain, but the loud noises keep happening and the pain keeps coming. He’s shot two more times. One thankfully only grazes his arm and the other rips through his shoulder. He’s running only on adrenaline and he makes a break for it. Vaguely remembering his human family begging for them to stop shooting him, telling the men in uniform that he saved them, killed the bad guys for them and protected them. But this is the thanks he gets. He’s been stabbed three times and shot three times. He’s going to die, but he keeps running. Sprinting into the wood line so fast and running for so long he thinks his lungs might collapse. He’s beginning to slow down. He can’t see, things are getting blurry. He cries now, misses his family; misses Luke, Katherin, Jacob, Maisy, Ashlyne, and even that stupid ass yorkie Annie.
He lays down, bleeding profusely. He’s tired. Goodnight.
He awakens not in the same place he laid down to die at. His wounds sealed and already scarred over. What happened to him? It seemed like a true miracle. Where is he? Though he doesn’t know it yet, a mysterious force has brought him into the Teekon Wilds. His new life starts now.
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Profile of Solomon Bishop: Additional Information
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Solomon is mature character and is meant for mature audiences due to is orientation with violent themes.
If you are planning on threading with him and are strongly against that please pm me. For he will be played as so until you specify otherwise.

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Misc. Info About Bishop:

• He has the urge to protect/befriend hooved animals due to his time as a livestock protector with his first human family. Therefore, he’s bad at hunting ungulates.
• He’s goofy at times and says what’s on his mind. He’s known to snap from happy to terminator mode without any signs of aggression.
• He’s very attached to his collar. Considers it a gift from his second human family and cherishes it.
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I will do a roll of 1d10 every 2 weeks representing what stage his mental health is at.
The lower the number, the more aggressive he will be.