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Full Name: Bukunobis
Subspecies: Steller sea lion
Sex: Male
Age: 14 (April 4, 2006)
Birthplace: Pacific coastline
At A Glance
4 ft tall at shoulder · 10 ft long · 1700 lbs
[Image: steller-sea-lion_size.gif]
Yes, male Steller sea lions are actually that big.
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[Image: sealion.png]
A thick, ugly, foldy, blubbery sea lion. This guy is massive and virtually indestructible with armour-like skin and a neck that is so large, getting to the jugular is almost impossible. His chest is broad and dominating. Tiny ears stick out from his fat head. He is marred all over with scars from prior fights over harems of females.
He enjoys the company of female sea lions and otherwise appreciates the harassment of other animals. He doesn't understand volume and has only two modes: full and mute. Buku believes he can tell the future and lost his harem due to being too smart.
There was once a great king of the beach with a thick head and harem of females that surrounded him. The king was a noble animal and fathered many pups. All feared his greatness. One day, the great God of the sea became jealous of the king, and decided to curse the king with the ability to see the future and hyper intelligence. The females no longer trusted the king, for they feared these abilities, and so he was driven from his beachside paradise to wander. Demoted, the once king decided to use his powers for good rather than evil, for all should get to bask in this glory.
Lots of women.
Lots and lots of children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc.
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