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Saints Of The Dying Light

Basic Info
Full Name: Leigh
Pronunciation: "lee / lea"
Meaning: meadow, delicate
Alias: Ambrosia
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
鈫 73% Timber, 14% Yukon, 8% Coastal, 5% Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (December 31, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
鉂濃 they say that truly intelligent people don't brag about how smart they are.
鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥堚 鈥 鈥 鈥堚 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 but narcissists do. 鉂

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Leigh is an inconsistent character. She is very moldable and therefore her attitude and actions can change drastically within short periods of time. Although she can be irritating and rude, she is not an evil wolf nor does she participate in evil activities.

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Profile of Leigh: Details
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鉂濃 judge me when you are perfect. 鉂

A narrow frame and thin bones covered with a cloak of darkness. Slim face and muzzle framed with thick rounded fur along her cheeks, tall pointed ears and dainty paws. An array of shades of gray draped across her back, head dipped in beige and a warm feathered scarf wrapped around her neck. Eyes concealing the fire that brought her life, like fireflies glowing beneath the shadows of night. Decorated with hidden scars, ruffled fur and unkempt.
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鉂濃 i'm a bad wolf, you don't have to tell me twice. 鉂

A gentle but cold demeanor. Unsuspecting at first, Leigh can quickly cut through hearts with a sharp tongue, resorting to violence at her worst. She cannot be bought or intimidated, nor is she easily tricked. Very aware that her actions both past and present are not morally correct, however she does her best to follow a path towards redemption and help others choose a better life than she did. A soft exterior shielding her bitter and broken heart, the woman is an avid participator in debates. Canonically neurodivergent. An outlaw at heart.

a story, not unique. a story, not played for sympathy. a story, not filled with meaningless hardships. this is the story of a simple girl, an outlaw, a tragedy.

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They say dragons hatch from eggs. This one was born from fire.

Although the birthing den was safe from all harm, and the pack's territory hadn't been terribly damaged, upon the she-wolf's arrival into the world a forest fire had suddenly broke out in the middle of winter. The flames had somehow survived the cold for hours, yet it left as quickly as it came. At the time, the pup's eyes hadn't even opened, and when they did they'd be a milky blue. But one can't help but wonder if the fire had concealed itself within her eyes that were yet to come.

Her childhood was just as chaotic. She had been born into a pack that was more of a disease than anything. Ruthless wolves who conquered any land they possibly could. But at the time, it all seemed so normal. For her first few months life was easy, but once the girl had grown to an appropriate size, she began training. Every day was a strict schedule of sparring and hunting. It wasn't unusual for a wolf her age to be learning such lessons, but the intensity was far beyond any normal teaching. Despite Leigh presenting herself as a calm, collected, and non-confrontational woman, and her ability to fight is a bit rusty, there was indeed a time where she had been a very skilled, feared, and deadly warrior.

This simply wasn't the path for her, though. The idea of killing another wolf wasn't new by any means, but the majority of the blood she spilled was from lone trespassers or those already weak. When she found herself unable to participate in a raid upon another pack, unable to fathom the idea of destroying the home of families, she fled within the midst of the battle.

Now a loner with no food, family, or protection, she silently preyed on a nearby pack, stealing small kills while hidden within the shadows of night. This pack wasn't having it though. They launched a little investigation of sorts, and this was where she met her beloved. A bit of a detective, he tracked down the she-wolf and although their first meeting wasn't the smoothest, the beautiful wolf with blue eyes, as she called him, soon won her heart. And after an explanation and apology for stealing a snack here and there, she was welcomed into a new home with kind smiles.

The following spring, Leigh had a family of her own. After settling down with her mate, the two had a single pup together. Perhaps it was a sign of bad luck, but she loved her daughter no less. And once again, life was normal for some time. Though still small, fragile, and vulnerable, her child was already displaying such strength and determination at only a few months old. The mother was also beyond excited to see that the young wolf inherited her father's blue eyes. That summer they would play in the flower fields all day long.

But, it was not meant to be either. While out hunting for the pack, Leigh felt that something was terribly wrong. Abandoning the hunt, she decided to return home. This feeling of uneasiness wasn't something familiar, and trusting her heart, she followed this voice. She could hear the cries before even coming close to her home, and once she arrived, everything was madness.

When the she-wolf was young, she had shown mercy to a pack and the families within, fleeing the fight and her home. But now, her new family hadn't been offered the same kindness. Her pack was already beginning to retreat, Leigh being pulled with them but unable to find her mate or child. For some short moments she refused to leave, and refused to believe that her most treasured gifts had already been stolen. But as she looked around the battlefield, her heart stopped upon catching the sight of two familiar pelts scattered across the ground. Now with nothing to stay for, she allowed herself to be dragged away.

Her pack was resourceful and they soon found new territory to claim, though life simply wasn't the same. Leigh tried to rebuild with the others, but unable to bear such grief, she found herself leaving home for the second time.

She traveled for months without a good rest, this nagging at her heart to continue on. Her mate had told her stories of this "red string of fate", and she felt as if it was tugging her forwards to the promise of a better life. Climbing the jagged rocks and up the hills of mountains, she finally found what she had been searching for. The journey was over, she had landed in a new world.

But despite the satisfaction and hope that life will get better, there is no healing the wounds of the past.

Although there is no telling what the future holds, for now, Leigh promises herself that she'll never settle down and have pups again. For she doesn't wish to curse the innocent souls of children with the worst of mothers. She knows that if she hadn't been hunting, if she had been with her family, with her knowledge, training, and ability to kill in an instant, she could have saved them. And yet she wasn't there, for her beloved or her child. For her, that is the worst crime a mother can commit.

2020. year one

08.25.2020 | Leigh first enters the Sunspire Mountains and is immediately greeted with an unfamiliar face. Offered to join his pack, she accepts, hoping to increase her chances of surviving in the new world.

9.15.2020 | The she-wolf goes on a successful hunt with her alpha, only to face unsettling news. Hearing of their conflict with Ursus, she slowly pieces things together before revealing a glimpse of her old self.

10.11.2020 | The Saints of the Dying Light leave the canyons and move to a new home.

10.23.2020 | Leigh witnesses the public execution of Aya and realizes her mistake of joining the pack. A few days later it is revealed that her home and family were raided by the original Saints.

11.10.2020 | Unable to leave for various reasons, she is confronted by Kynareth and their once happy relationship goes to hell.

11.18.2020 | Deciding to leave the territory for awhile, Leigh goes on a trip to explore the rest of Teekons. Here she meets Ira and takes on a new alias: Ambrosia.

12.10.2020 | Ambrosia returns to the Saints, arriving at her home and confronting Kynareth about their relationship. She then explains more of her past, revealing that she was not the kind and sensitive wolf he assumed she had been.

12.22.2020 | After returning home, Ambrosia decides to take another trip outside the border. Here she runs into a silver wolf, Keres.

12.31.2020 | Leigh turns four.

2021. year two


Pack History
FATHER Wayfarer
SIBLING(S) Sycamore

MATE(S) "beautiful wolf with blue eyes"
CHILDREN Summer 鈾 ( 2019 )
銆 8.25.2020 鈥 PRESENT
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