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Basic Info
Full Name: Leigh
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (December 31, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Leigh: Details

Small and rather thin looking, Leigh isn't the bulkiest of wolves, but she finds herself an advantage in her long legs and slender build. Dainty paws allow the she-wolf to sprint silently across land with ease, her sharp ears usually always tilted forwards in alert. The base of her pelt is nearly black in color, with markings in lighter shades of gray scattered around as accents. The most noticeable features of her body include the feather or wing-like shapes around her neck, their color a bright beige in comparison to the more dull shades occupying the majority of her pelt. With unique patterning around her face, Leigh definitely isn't something you've seen before.

Although they have since healed over with time and have become hidden by fur, the female's coat is littered with thin scars from past confrontations. A subtle but noticeable detail includes the beauty mark on her upper right cheek, bringing attention to her noteworthy eyes. Though their color isn't special or rare, the intensity and glow they display are worth mentioning. A striking orange, it is as if her eyes had been crafted from fire.


To say that Leigh is complicated is an understatement. At nearly four years old, the she-wolf is still decently young, and at first glance it shows. Although naturally a bit more reserved in nature, she is adventurous and beaming with life. Always excited to try new things, meet new wolves, and explore new places. She has her own unique charm. However, four years has left opportunity for many hardships, which the woman has also experienced. Due to this, Leigh also has a certain maturity and wisdom about her.

It may seem like this she-wolf is an extrovert, and in some ways she is, but at heart she is a true introverted individual. She thrives off of having time alone and away from the world, able to collect her thoughts and rid of stress. Despite this, the world has demanded much from her, and over time she has become more talkative and socially aware. Though her extroverted shell hasn't grown naturally, and is a simple veil developed by practice to disguise the discomfort.

Even if her background may beg to differ, she is an empathetic wolf as well, putting the wellbeing of others before her own. A healer, not a fighter.

But who knows? Perhaps this dragon's fire will reignite some day. And perhaps she will release that fire into the world.



They say dragons hatch from eggs. This one was born from fire.

Although the birthing den was safe from all harm, and the pack's territory hadn't been terribly damaged, upon the she-wolf's arrival into the world a forest fire had suddenly broke out in the middle of winter. The flames had somehow survived the cold for hours, yet it left as quickly as it came. At the time, the pup's eyes hadn't even opened, and when they did they'd be a milky blue. But one can't help but wonder if the fire had concealed itself within her eyes that were yet to come.

Her childhood was just as chaotic. She had been born into a pack that was more of a disease than anything. Ruthless wolves who conquered any land they possibly could. But at the time, it all seemed so normal. For a year life was easy, but once the girl had grown to an appropriate size, she began training. Every day was a strict schedule of sparring and hunting. It wasn't unusual for a wolf her age to be learning such lessons, but the intensity was far beyond any normal teaching. Despite Leigh presenting herself as a calm, collected, and non-confrontational woman, and her ability to fight is a bit rusty, there was indeed a time where she had been a very skilled, feared, and deadly warrior.

This simply wasn't the path for her, though. The idea of killing another wolf wasn't new by any means, but the majority of the blood she spilled was from lone trespassers or those already weak. When she found herself unable to participate in a raid upon another pack, unable to fathom the idea of destroying the home of families, she fled within the midst of the battle.

Now a loner with no food, family, or protection, she silently preyed on a nearby pack, stealing small kills while hidden within the shadows of night. This pack wasn't having it though. They launched a little investigation of sorts, and this was where she met her beloved. A bit of a detective, he tracked down the she-wolf and although their first meeting wasn't the smoothest, the beautiful wolf with blue eyes, as she called him, soon won her heart. And after an explanation and apology for stealing a snack here and there, she was welcomed into a new home with kind smiles.

The following spring, Leigh had a family of her own. After settling down with her mate, the two had a single pup together. Perhaps it was a sign of bad luck, but she loved her daughter no less. And once again, life was normal for some time. Though still small, fragile, and vulnerable, her child was already displaying such strength and determination at only a few months old. The mother was also beyond excited to see that the young wolf inherited her father's blue eyes. That summer they would play in the flower fields all day long.

But, it was not meant to be either. While out hunting for the pack, Leigh felt that something was terribly wrong. Abandoning the hunt, she decided to return home. This feeling of uneasiness wasn't something familiar, and trusting her heart, she followed this voice. She could hear the cries before even coming close to her home, and once she arrived, everything was madness.

When the she-wolf was young, she had shown mercy to a pack and the families within, fleeing the fight and her home. But now, her new family hadn't been offered the same kindness. Her pack was already beginning to retreat, Leigh being pulled with them but unable to find her mate or child. For some short moments she refused to leave, and refused to believe that her most treasured gifts had already been stolen. But as she looked around the battlefield, her heart stopped upon catching the sight of two familiar pelts scattered across the ground. Now with nothing to stay for, she allowed herself to be dragged away.

Her pack was resourceful and they soon found new territory to claim, though life simply wasn't the same. Leigh tried to rebuild with the others, but unable to bear such grief, she found herself leaving home for the second time.

She traveled for months without a good rest, this nagging at her heart to continue on. Her mate had told her stories of this "red string of fate", and she felt as if it was tugging her forwards to the promise of a better life. Climbing the jagged rocks and up the hills of mountains, she finally found what she had been searching for. The journey was over, she had landed in a new world.

But despite the satisfaction and hope that life will get better, there is no healing the wounds of the past.

Although there is no telling what the future holds, for now, Leigh promises herself that she'll never settle down and have pups again. For she doesn't wish to curse the innocent souls of children with the worst of mothers. She knows that if she hadn't been hunting, if she had been with her family, with her knowledge, training, and ability to kill in an instant, she could have saved them. And yet she wasn't there, for her beloved or her child. For her, that is the worst crime a mother can commit.

08.25.2020 | Leigh first enters the Sunspire Mountains. Here she meets a flirtatious new wolf. What will become of their relationship?

08.26.2020 | After arriving at Redsand Canyon, Leigh is formally introduced to the pack. At evening, she visits the wildflower field with Donovan and receives interesting news.

Pack History
SAINTS OF THE DYING LIGHT8/25/2020 - present.
Profile of Leigh: Additional Information

— Although Leigh isn't phased by small puddles or streams of water, she has the fear of drowning. As a pup she was told the story of the wildfire during the hour of her birth, so she worries that water may be near during her death.

— Leigh looks absolutely nothing like her mother. They share a similar small size and slim frame, but her pelt color and the majority of her markings match her father's. Funnily enough, her own daughter didn't take after her either.

— The she-wolf has a grand total of 0 self-confidence in anything besides her ability to fight. Despite not relying on others to boost her self-esteem, growing up she was never given any reassurance and therefore lacks the knowledge and skills to build confidence.

— Leigh also considers herself to be an incredibly plain and average looking wolf, not beautiful at all. She also hates her eyes and wishes they were green. She however believes that blue eyes are the prettiest since both her mate and daughter had them.

— She isn't necessarily scared of losing pups if she ever had more in the future. She more so fears the idea that she may lose them and it'll be her fault.

— It isn't severe enough to be a great danger or threat, but Leigh actually has a rather weak heart and although she is fast, she doesn't have good stamina due to this.

— She once got her head stuck in a hole just because she wanted to see what might have been inside. It was just dirt.

— Out of her entire family, Leigh has the most simple and boring name. She hates it.

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