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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Piety Montserrat
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (June 22, 2017)
Birthplace: Hyperion Bosk, Catclaw Mountains
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The Montserrat wolf, quintessential to his lineage, is like a watchtower made from coalstone, casting a long shadow across the land. He is abysmal: dark, onerous, and vast -- a starless golem of blunt lineaments, built solely for perseverance. Even absent of sharp edges, there is no softness to be found upon him. He has a pair of lusterless, coffee-brown eyes, that are often lost in the nebulous oil depths of his typically impassive countenance. His ears sit squat and triangular atop his head, and his thick, unruly fur is an invariable shade of raisin-black, the color of wet soil in direct sunlight. Ursiform beneath his rugged coat, Piety is a kingsguard, embattled and hard-muscled. A dreadful colossus, in all.
Icy devotion behind a largely unsentimental mien. A sedulous beast that does not seem to tire. He is an instinctive sentinel of fearsome quietude and rapacious vigilance, acting almost exclusively in his own best interests, while harboring an additional need to be the purveyor of a sometimes morally-skewed brand of justice.
Pack History
Companion: Neven Rosello

Parents: Carcharoth Montserrat and Providence Montserrat née Abbot
Littermates: Charisma, Saint, and Eulogy
Siblings: Prudence, Charnel, Creed, Covenant, Chalice, Angel, Godbrand, Pontifex, Sermon, Herald, Psalm, Light, and Radiance
The Throne of Kethis — June 2017 to April 2020
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Thread titles are from "The Beasts' Confession" by Jonathan Swift

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