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Full Name: Grímnismál
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 Year (8.25.2019)
Birthplace: somewhere else.
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Grímnismál is currently away. Reason: depression
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supple and petite, they carry a below average height but graced with slender looks and a calm sight. monochrome, their back carries a winter pelage, and without their black tail anymore, they have nothing to flick. their neck is slashed with grays, but lowers into blacks all the way to their front legs, and wrapping to their head. a mask of white, with just a few scattering elsewhere upon their check. a reddened, bloodied gaze, peaking through their white vizard.

her tail was lost to a shark attack when she was younger

Grimm was born in Cerulean Keep, an island of wolves separated from the main land, but at least once a month, the bay would open up, and the wolves could enter the forests. She was born to a witchdoctor, trusted by the villagers, but at the same time scorned and feared for her voodoo and curses. She was never accepted officially as one of them, but her skills were proven quite well enough that it was difficult to be without her. An odd balance-

and an odd coupling. While never officially told, her mother Véfríðr and the pack's Alpha, Ásgrímr were childhood friends, and lovers in secret. They bore Grímnismál, but she was never told who were father was, even to this day. No one else knows except the two. On his side, he does have an official wife married through politics, and has three kids, her half-siblings; Sanngríðr, Eygrímr & Ásmundr. She never knew about it even to this day;

as the island became chaos. Storms plagued the land, and thunder crackled in the sky, and so the island crumbled into the ocean. The group scattered, fleeing into the forest, and she watched her mother drown into the sea. The origins of her birth still remain a mystery, and now she is completely alone.
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despite being young, they are quiet fluent in English. bay-wolves were taught to be bilingual for trading purposes/ally meetings.
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