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Full Name: Saraneth
Subspecies: Makenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (April 8 2017)
Birthplace: North Fallow Pass
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Profile of Saraneth: Details
Saraneth is a large and lean muscled wolf. She grew with the proportions of a male, but with the sleek elegance and stereotypical of a female. Her legs are lean and long and connect cleanly to a sturdy body with a high tuck. Her eyes are a bright golden that contrast against her dark coat which consists of a gentle mix of deep browns. Her patterns are clear and defined along her neck and back but become more subtle along her ventral areas and along her legs. She has yet to be marked by scars but given her young age, she has time to earn a few. Despite her sturdy build, her paws are small and dainty leaving behind the appearance of a smaller wolf. Although balanced by her thick coat and cheek her, her ears are very large for her head.
Saraneth is a very complicated wolf to put it nicely. Over the years she had developed a rather hesitant and untrustful nature. As such she often will seek her own needs and gains rather than assisting another. Unfortunately, due to the nature of pups, Saraneth did end up parting from her impressionable age with many negative qualities. As a child, she quickly developed a vile temper. She was spoiled by her family for being heir to the pack and got away with most everything. She grew to be strong-willed and cunning with a wicked vindictive streak to her otherwise charming words and use of language. Reaching into her yearling years Saraneth was unchallenged and cocky. She could never take no for an answer and when her parents finally realized their mistakes it was too late. Following the banishment of her mother and father, Saraneth settled into her role of "Queen" with little grace. She paid little heed to her family members and thus was oblivious to their betrayal. The loss of her pack and status did end up sobering the female, though memories do bring bitter feelings. Throughout her travels, as a loner, Saraneth morphed into a wolf far different from her youth. She shut away her heart after a tragedy, fearing the fate of any wolf who would get to close. She realizes now the effects of her actions and takes care as to what she says or does, never putting any effort into action without heavy consideration. Despite her intentions, Saraneth can still be moved by emotion and can lapse into the impulsive and self-indulgent wolf of her youth. She understands that she is not perfect and has tasked herself with learning more from others. She realizes her mistakes and tries her hardest to make amends and restart her life.

Since the loss of her pack, Saraneth does get apprehensive in groups and thus will usually act alone or with only a handful of others at a time. She is no stranger to love and loss and is still affected by the guilt of losing her children. Such a loss has tempered her fire of her youth allowing Saraneth to mature into a far more gentler being. Though still not afraid to use force, she would rather handle disputes diplomatically than exchange blows off the bat and after a good majority of her young adult life was spent alone, Saraneth is always welcome to an occasional conversation.

Aloof - Due to her shame, Saraneth is not keen on talking about herself. She realizes her faults and does not wish to share them with others. Out of all her fears, she fears mockery the most out of them all

Independent - Saraneth is not one to ask for help often or at all. Unable to shake the stubbornness she developed as a child, she would insist on doing everything for herself by herself with no buts about it. She is not one to be seen as weak or burdensome. it is either done by her paws and jaws or not at all.
Short tempered - Despite her efforts Saraneth does fine herself easily and quickly tired of... well a lot of things. She is known to need quick direct facts and is often annoyed by long drawn out tasks or stories.

Occasionally Spontaneous - Saraneth is a wolf that, despite her efforts is driven by her emotions. Despite her attempts at consideration on most topics, there are times when the dark pelted female simply does something for the hell of it, throwing all caution to the wind and acts on instinct alone.
Saraneth was born into a pack far up north, deep in a land where snow touches the ground for most of the year. The area was ruled primarily by one over reaching pack called the Empire. This empire was a pack that gained its power through conquest and enslavement. Yest despite this over reaching, smaller packs could live in relative harmony if far enough outside of the Empire's grasp.

The North Fallow Pack was one of these far distant packs, and it was here that Saraneth was brought into a life of luxury. The young pup needed nothing, being the first-born daughter of the alphas of their small familiar pack. She was provided well for; often too well as Saraneth grew up spoiled and entitled. As the dark pelted female matured it was obvious that she was going to be tall, taller than even her brothers. From a young age, she was strong, fierce, and bright-minded surpassing her siblings in the stereotypical ways needed by an heir of the family line. In the eyes of the family, she was the perfect child. This was also a factor the young child could pick up on. Saraneth knew she was different, she understood that the family saw her as superior and did all she could to prove it at any chance. She bullied her cousins and younger siblings, particularly the younger females; often claiming dominance over them in game. She reacted with hostility and threw fits in order to have her way. She pushed the children her age away from her, not needing their company because she did not need them weighing her perfect image down. The adult wolves of the pack thought little of this and did not bother to correct this behavior, to them it was childish fun and nothing more. For the most part, the adults had been correct, but her reckless and selfish behavior had gone unchecked as she grew as too did her hunger for reputation. As a yearling, being merely the daughter of the alpha wasn't enough. Seeking to rid herself of her parent's shadow, Saraneth rebelled against her parents and quickly drove the older wolves out of the territory and took over.

Saraneth was a wolf who ruled with wit and brawn. Inheriting her father's size and her mother's brain, She conquered all who had opposed her. She played the game well and for a while, the pack seemed to thrive on the change of leadership, the hunting was bountiful and their size and strength was only continuing to grow. Saraneth never knew of the plots that were set under her nose. She paid no mind to the gossip of those she deemed lower than herself. She did not see the betrayal of her blood-kin as the noose slowly slipped around her neck. Within a year of her reign, the pack vanished. Saraneth had led a hunting patrol as she had many nights before, as was pack tradition. While tracking the scent of their mark, Saraneth found herself separated from her unit. Disgruntled, she pressed on, seeking to regroup with them closer to their prey. As time passed the dark queen realized that her pack mates were not following her she quickly returned to the den site. She was met with silence--

For months the pack had secretly assumed new leadership in the twin pair of Saraneth's youngest siblings. The had bought time serving under their self entitled queen, learning her faults and took advantage of her weaknesses. They realized the cunning vile thing that ruled their pack was merely a spoiled daughter and lost all fear. Without that binding them they left and moved far away leaving no trace of paw prints in the snow.

Reeling from this betrayal Saraneth fled her childhood home. Moving fast and covering ground as days turned to weeks, weeks to months and by the end of her third year the homelands of her youth were only a memory. Traveling alone had proven good for the wolf, she was strong, and traveling as far as she had only served to prove that, and allowed her to grow beyond even her own expectations. Evidently, the processes of losing his pack settled the female. She took to religion and regain a calmer sense, something she would never have done within her homeland. The act alone molding the fallen queen into a female who observed more, planned more, and acted with planned patience and reservation.

As a rouge, she moved between the lands, never lingered long enough to be a threat, only ever long enough to learn the ways of other bands, their politics and inhabitants before moving on. As the wolf drew into her adult years she began to feel a need to settle down. By the age of two, she found herself in love with a male from a smaller pack just outside the Empire's borders. From her travels, Saraneth knew the dangers yet she did not care. For once she found something more than just herself and she basked in it.

When the two found out they were expecting it was as if the world finally made sense.

As if fate forced Saraneth to atone for her folly, the empire struck the band before the date of Saraneth's whelping. Within the madness, Saraneth, heavily pregnant, fled her only goal to protect her unborn children even as her mate was ripped from her side. She told herself needed to preserve her freedom for her children. She had grown accustomed to a world without a pack and vowed to keep it such. She ran on and on, leaving the borders of the empire behind her until fatigue forced her to stop. She continued her pace for days forcing her body to do what it simply could not.

Her struggle expedited her pregnancy and she gave birth prematurely to three children; two stillborn and one boy barely clinging to the life he just entered. Saraneth knew he too would not survive, she did what she could to give this small wretched thing a chance. On the child's third day she ended his suffering. Alone in the world once more, she could not bring herself to blame anyone but herself. Vowing to never see the Empire again, she buried her child and set forth to wandering, unsure of where her path may go again.
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