Profile of Grendel: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Grendel
Subspecies: 50% Wolf 37.50% Greyhound 12.50% Husky
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (02-14-19)
Birthplace: Northern U.S.
At A Glance
Current Locale
° Sunspire Mountains

Health (5/5)
[Image: FBMEBOo.gif]
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Profile of Grendel: Details
A spindly shaped wolf-dog whose chest is barrelled in contrast to a tighter midsection, reflecting the sighthound in him. His pelt is a soft grey agouti, with a whiter underbelly and face that tapers into a narrower point than your average wolf. His eyes are a pale icy blue with beady black circles for pupils- making him look somewhat unsettling when he stares. Especially when paired with his "wide" grin.

Egocentric ★ Mischievous ★ Weird ★ Goblin

ENTP - Choleric - Chaotic Neutral

Fun Facts!
He talks (and runs) very fast. Also has a dumb hyena laugh.

★ Sun Sign: Aquarius
★ Rising Sign: Leo
★ Moon Sign: Leo
Pack History
Father: Beowulf NPC
Mother: Unknown Name NPC
Loner - [02-14-19 - Current]
        ⮩ Enters Teekon [9-25-20]
Profile of Grendel: Additional Information
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Player Information: Werge
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Hiya! You can call me Werge or Walter.

I'm a 24-year-old he/him non-binary goblinoid. Father of two cats and a ball python, and an irl dog professional currently going to college for Biology, aiming to focus in Zoology. I have an abundance of useless dog facts. I've been rping for years, notably in Warriors, TLK, and Impressive Title/Feral Heart related forums.