Profile of Eadwulf: Quick Facts
profile art by malia / avatar by sanctuare

Played By: landry
Basic Info
Full Name: Eadwulf Déorwine
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (July 25, 2018)
Birthplace: Kingslend
At a Glance
CHARACTER NOTE: Eadwulf was previously played by Malia prior to Feb. 23 2021 — where he was adopted to me (landry).
Profile of Eadwulf: Details

❝ God bless the daylight

35 Inches — 180 Pounds — A rather large speciman, this wolf is mostly black, mottled with a deep russet. His face is adorned with a white mask, that eerily resembles a skull. Between his shoulder blades lies shimmering, silvery markings against black fur. On the heavier side, Eadwulf is thick corded in muscle, coiled and ready to strike when necessary. Lastly a pair of deep golden eyes that wildly resemble his sisters.
... The sugary smell of springtime ❞

❝ Remembering when you were mine

Eadwulf has remained true to a silent nature. Watchful of the world around him. However he finds himself teetering on a wire with his religious belief. Feeling cast aside with his repeated loss. Often times a ticking time bomb from silence to an explosion of emotion.
essence — conflict, uncertainty, rebirth, emotional instability.
... In a still suburban town ❞

❝ God damn the black night

Eadwulf was born a bastard child due to his mother refusing to accept the Deorwine name. Their kingdon falls and he find himself without his family. He even loses sight of his sister, Rohesia. Hes caught in the fire, he lost her — he lost his entire family. He begins his mission, searching high and low for any signs of his family and finally, by entering the Teekon Wilds, he's found them.

Only to suffer the loss again and finds himself repeating the process.

... With all its foul temptations ❞
· Son of Eduart Deorwine & Carling
· Brother to Rohesia
· Half brother to Ravenger, Wymond, Aethelstan, & Alfred Deorwine

Deorwine Family Tree
Pack History
· Soon.

Profile of Eadwulf: Additional Information
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Player Notes
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· Eadwulf is a secondary character with posts roughly every other day.

· I post when I am free to! I prefer sprees when I'm free as my schedule IRL is a bit inconsistent.

· In group threads, I encourage you to skip me after 48 hours unless otherwise stated.

· I like loose plots. Rough ideas that are mainly sorted and played out IC!

· I'm always looking to improve and as such, my style might change as I try new things.
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