Profile of Dorus: Quick Facts
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Played By: Kyzy
Basic Info
Full Name: Dorus
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old. (6 / 12 / 2018)
Birthplace: Out of game.
At a Glance
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Profile of Dorus: Details
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A grey-black wolf with torn ears, a multitude of scars on his face and a tail that ends in bone. Extremely skinny, with an awkward gait. Dorus is tall, often seen holding his mouth open, and has a single eye that is milky, marking it as an eye that has limited vision.
[ Relentless ]in his goal, tirelessly roaming lands looking for packs to tear apart. He is [ without guilt ] and believes this is his revenge for all of those who are isolated from packs due to deformity and sickness alike. His [ arrogance ] almost sees Dorus believing that he is a god of some kind.

[ Cold ] to the very depths of his soul, he will not spare children or the elderly, fanatically wishing pain upon ‘every member of a pack’. He fears not death nor fighting, believing he will always have the upper hand due to the contagious nature of his sickness. Dorus is, however, physically somewhat weak and [ mentally confused ] from the sickness (note, NOT mentally ill), and thus can be [ easily tricked ]. He appears to be [ uncooperative ] with anyone that tries to gain his favor.
The pack was loving. The pack was kind and the parents were blessed with three, and he was the third. They were nomadic, often wedging themselves against the human dump-land that smelled like rot and flesh. They brought meat there, and the wolves came, and so did the dogs and the cats, and though they never saw anything but the shadow of man they never feared.

The Pack was the Great provider.

When one became sick, and then another, and then another, at first The pack blamed each other. Whelps. Strangers. Dogs. The pack became torn. First the children died, their twisted bodies buried in shallow mounds, and then the adults slowly began to die. To prevent such a horrid sickness from spreading, The pack split themselves off; and the sick were left to die. No longer was it kind and blessed and loving, now it was filled with those who were well.

Dorus was sick, and so the dump became the Great provider.

When the Pack came back to scavenge, they warned off the sick. They outcasted the sick, and Dorus was young and regaining his strength; but the mistying of his eye was worrying. His mother turned tail, sisters fled. There was no dump, no Pack, no friends, and within his heart he grew as bitter as he was cold. Many like he began to try to force themselves back into The pack, but The pack was dangerous now. They came with fangs, pinned down the sick, and carefully chewed their ears to pieces. It was a mark, a mark of the doomed.

And so the wilderness became the Great provider.

Food came hard, and fat melted from his bones. Skin shorn, earless, sick, none wanted him. There was no family waiting, no kindness in the world for he, a trespasser on healthy land. Health, health, health. They had something he wanted, something he could tear from them with the latching of his jaws against their tender flesh, against their buckling legs, against the crinkled skin of their noses.

There would be no Pack, no, not while Dorus still lived.
No Great Provider.
No love.

One by one they unraveled like yarn, one, two, three, dead, dead, dead. They fell like flies, like the dogs at the dump, like the wolves of The pack. Blood and foam and bile, Dorus had found a senseless calling… and this sickness was no curse. It was a blessing.

It had given him the power to take.

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Pack History
Profile of Dorus: Additional Information
Registered on October 14, 2020, last visited November 04, 2020, 11:23 PM
[ ] - Inflicted with a severely contagious disease, canine hepatitis. At minor infection, this will cause;

~Low energy (lethargy)
~Eating less/off food completely
~Drinking less

More severe cases can show a wide range of symptoms including:

~Pale or yellow gums
~High temperature (fever)
~Small red dots on gums or skin
~Bloody vomit or diarrhea
~A painful/swollen belly
~Unsteadiness/ seizures/fits
~Sudden death
~Cloudy blue eyes (after infection).
Player Notes
- Kyzy!!
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