Profile of Sasha Deagon: Quick Facts
Lines by Dakikr, coloured by Malia
Sasha Deagon
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Played By: Sofie
Basic Info
Full Name: Sasha Deagon
Subspecies: Grey wolf [50%] x Siberian Husky [50%]
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (04/12/16)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At a Glance
Profile of Sasha Deagon: Details

nothing yet lol.

A white coat with a blanket of golden russet reaching down her shoulders and drooling from her spine. Her nose and paw pads are a warm liver. Her right eye is a pale blue, the other a soft pink. Her face is very dog-like whilst the rest of her physique shows her wolven heritage aside from her curled tail.

"You thought you could escape my talons,
except you didn't feel them still in
your heart"
[Image: 2Q0oNI4.jpg]
You're gonna hate her guts.
And so does Kynareth Deagon, her ex-husband.
She manipulated him into trusting her, giving her children she cherished until the moment she turned in his savage Abbey, reducing them to nothing but pelts, and giving their offspring to the humans who she trusted.
And still does.

[Image: RRuXyxN.jpg]
Ex-Husband: Kynareth Deagon
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