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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Alarick
Subspecies: Timber/Red Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (06/25/2017)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
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Average in size and stature for a wolf, Alarick stands at about 30 inches and weighs perhaps around 100 lbs, favoring a leaner build better suited for speed and agility than brute strength. With his coloring largely comprised of various shades of tan or brown and areas of black, there is nothing especially remarkable about his looks. Thanks to his generally pacifistic ideals and an easier life, he bears no visible scarring.

[Image: hf1UsAeshQsuYL35aeozfn51iZpO8bOYHDVZevey...authuser=0]
Formerly a capable hunter for his pack, a split and resulting conflict between the members of his former pack resulted in Alarick being left to wander on his own for the better part of a year now. Although it is certainly not a lifestyle he was accustomed to initially, he has begun to view the freedom of traveling wherever he may want as not altogether unpleasant. Sightseeing has also grown on him over the last few months, and thanks to his skill as a hunter, he has had little trouble keeping himself fed.

And yet, if he were able to return to his previous life, there is no question he’d do it. His current, nomadic lifestyle is not something he wishes to maintain for any longer than necessary. Yet, trust issues and fear of betrayal may keep him from developing friendships or forging a bond with any individual, much less fully committing to another pack. Fears of being hurt or cast out constantly linger in his mind.

Despite these issues, Alarick is an amiable, polite, and compassionate sort of guy, valuing trust and friendships unless given reason not to. He prefers words over actions, especially as a means of conflict resolution, and will only lean toward using violence as a last resort.
Although Alarick was not born into the pack he would come to know as his home, he remembers very little of his life before. His parents, Canton and Aspen were initially lone wolves, intent on raising their litter of three children by themselves. However, after a hunting accident would severely cripple his father only days after the birth of Alarick and his siblings, the pair were forced to relocate and seek refuge with a nearby pack, that was thankfully willing to take them in. This was a blessing to the parents - though the journey had come at a cost, as only two of their children has survived.

Showered in love from his parents who were supported by a sizable pack, and a brother that always had his back, Alarick’s childhood was nothing but pleasant. His father recovered as best as was possible, though remained cared for by the pack. As he grew, his focus shifted to learning, specifically the roles and responsibilities of a hunter, driven at first by a desire to ensure he could always feed his family, while his brother Cayden took on training to become a guardian. By the start of his second year, the Alarick had made a name for himself as a reputable, virtuous, and capable individual.

However, with the passing of the alpha, leadership was transitioned to his contentious, rapacious, and inexperienced son - a side that an ambitious Cayden took to, and earned power because of it, putting the siblings at odds. There were others that ambitious enough to go along with the quest for power, and those who simply desired to maintain the peaceful lifestyle the pack had been maintaining up until that point. Knowing this split would eventually lead to conflict, Alarick’s parents urged him to move on and seek something better. Although he loathed having to leave them, Alarick believes it was the wisest decision, and so he continues to move on while nurturing a hope that his parents managed to pull Cayden back from his darker path.
Pack History
Canton - Father
Aspen - Mother
Cayden - Brother
None Currently
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