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Full Name: Roulette Daire
Subspecies: 1/2 Timber Wolf: 1/4 Mexican Wolf; 1/4 Iberian Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: (5/19/2019)
Birthplace: The forst of Taiga, in northern Russia.
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Roulette is quite tall for his age. Though currently lacking a frame of heavy muscle, he is decently strong, taking after the more masculine strengths of his fathers blood line. With canines still the size of a juvenile, his bark is, quite literally, worse than his bite. Thick tufts of varied brown and black fur take over his pelt. It is not difficult to tell that his breed is built more for the times of winter, rather summer, but hopefully upon age he will lose most of the unwanted fur. Rou's paws are oddly large, causing him to miss a step here and there. Another benefit, or maybe even curse, from his fathers gene.
Pack History
All family, as known of now, are deceased.
No current pack history.
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