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Full Name: Jethro
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (05/12/2018)
Birthplace: Far Away
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Profile of Jethro: Details
Jethro’s size may be considered slightly above average, standin just below 35 inches in height and with a typical (healthy) weight of somewhere around 145. His fur color is comprised largely of a silvery grey mixing with darker greys and black, with the darker tones being more prevalent upon his legs or face. A pair of vibrant green eyes complement what might be considered a handsomely sculpted figure despite (or perhaps complemented by) the scars he bears from his treatment as a pup, though Jethro himself is unaware of it (which may be for the best).

[Image: Jet_1_edit_1.jpg?width=277&height=377]
To those that encounter him, Jethro will appear to be a cold and emotionally distant individual, one who is unsympathetic and not at all concerned with the welfare of anyone except for himself - and even then, seemingly only just. Jethro’s manner of speech will likely be rather blunt, unpleasant, with the occasional dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure, all of it designed to drive anyone he finds undesirable away. Which is just about everyone unless he believes that he may be able to gain something tangible from a given individual.

Trust no one, suspect everyone.

In spite of the roguish and impulsive display Jethro most commonly puts forth, he generally does not act without first planning ahead or putting thought into the potential consequences his actions may have and can be more tactful than he lets on. While in most instances he does not care how his words or behavior may affect or be perceived by others, there are certain lines he will not cross; an inkling of a moral code. In spite of his apparent apathy toward most, Jethro is not completely without conscience.

There are sporadic instances during which others may catch a brief glimpse of a kinder, more compassionate wolf, or even rarer still, of the tumultuous emotions - the hurt, loneliness, and sadness - which he tends to keep locked away within. Hidden behind a stoic mask that Jethro has learned to wear quite well, and only removed in the rarest of circumstances. Respect is earned, not given.

Instead of confiding in his own kind, the dark wolf tends to find comfort and enjoyment in observation of what nature has to offer, with exploration, especially of places some might consider inhospitable or treacherous, being perhaps Jethro’s few hobbies. After all, what is life without the occasional indulgence for the sake of thrill or pleasure?
Jethro is not one to speak much of where he had come from, and the most anyone may ever get out of him is that he was born somewhere far away and that he hates almost everything and everyone from that time, but values the skills he has learned from there.

Jet was created as the product of an affair between a high ranking female - one who happened to be a favorite of a possessive alpha - and a low-ranking male. It was evident by appearance upon birth that Jethro was not the son of the alpha, while the siblings birthed with him were granted the benefit of the doubt, fortunate enough to have inherited the looks of either their mother or the alpha male. Rather than admit her affair and risk punishment, Jethro’s mother announced that she had been taken advantage of during her heat, resulting in the punishment and exile of Jethro’s biological father.

As he grew, Jethro was cast aside and excluded from most of the teachings and benefits his half-siblings and the other pups born in the time frame were given, becoming a scapegoat of sorts for them, constantly harassed and bullied. Any attempt to fight back was tamped down by his elders, meaning he could typically do nothing more than curl up and take the punishments. The adults present also either hated him or were otherwise indifferent. At first, he did not understand why and believed he needed to work harder to impress his elders and the pack to earn their respect, but it was never given.

An accident, they called him. Worthless. A bastard child, who’s own mother would have nothing to do with him, destined only to be a lowly slave to the pack. Realizing his fate, Jethro closed himself off to everyone, including himself. It was during his first winter that Jet would finally learn of and comprehend the story of his heritage and how his lowly life had begun, prompting him to make a vow to himself that he would not end up like his father - used and abused. Instead, he learned what he could, and by the time spring and his first birthday had come around, Jethro chose to abandon the pack - vanishing one night, vowing he would never go back, no matter how abysmal his life and future seemed.
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