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Art by me ;D
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Basic Info
Full Name: Saint O鈥橫ally Valentine
Subspecies: 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf/50% Alaskan Malamute
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (October 7, 2017)
Birthplace: Crescent Moon Forest (outside the Teekon)
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Art by Me

Art by Me

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*changing some art around in due time! His eyes will both be blue!*

A wolf of rich, silvery whites that shimmer in hard light, O鈥橫ally is streaked with a the purest of white. His face is truly too handsome 鈥 with defined cheeks and jaw, a strong chin, and slightly rounded ears; he is undeniably attractive.
Only adding to his odd type of charm, his eyes are a vibrant ice blue. He adorns an 'x' shaped scar across his right eye and two thick horizontal scars across the bridge of his nose.
Further down, his shoulders are broad and tapper down to a strong body. Though everything about him is wildly attractive, he adorns jagged scars from a lightening strike from his adolescent years. His nose is a soft rose color, as well as the area around his mouth, lips, paw pads, and belly. Though something that doesn't fit his soft pink theme is his black-purple tongue and interestingly long canines that poke slightly out of the sides of his maw.

Face Claim & Voice Claim:

Lenny Belardo | Pope Pius XIII from The Young Pope

Visible Scars:
(In the Teekon Wilds)
None yet.


Good physical health.

Good mental health.

O'Mally is a confident man, though wise in his young age from many years of serious worship and discipline. He can be stone cold and perhaps too self righteous, though he is usually friendly and people driven. Or so it seems, the death of his parents due to a mysterious event and being adopted by humans has him darker than most, even regarding his faith. He also believes that any wolf mixed with a dog are closer to a Saint. Since he considers humans gods, he thinks since humans made dog they are blessed. Though he does seem to have the best interest in hand there are things that are off putting or oddly evil about him when one looks too close.

O鈥橫ally is brought up without a pack, only a fair 50 or so miles from the outskirts of a small human town. Born from his stray dog of a father and his sweet mother of a wolf. He grows up normally, learning the ways of the wolf, unaware that he is even half dog. He doesn鈥檛 know any different. His mother and father are killed when he is only 5 months. He begins to starve, unaware of how to take care of himself. The pale wolfdog becomes nothing but skin and bones, on his last leg, he doesn鈥檛 even have energy to move anymore. Settling to lie down and die.
It was the day he lost his life, only to be brought back to life by humans. A young woman finds him. Next thing he knows is that he is alive again 鈥 heart beating fiercely in his chest. The young girl speaks to him, sweet murmuring of prayers. An explanation of God himself, she shares her religion with this wild animal. Yet, what she does not know is that he believes. He believes that she is his life giver and had brought him back into this unforgiving world.
He spends months with her, learning of the humans ways. He is enraptured by this faith. Though it is not the human鈥檚 god itself that he worships. It is the humans that he appoints as his god all together.
Then she鈥檚 gone. Ripped away from him is a rush of fire 鈥 the lick of flames. A lightening strike. They both die this time. Only this time he comes back once more. Burnt and broken, he prays and prays. Sitting beside his human girl鈥檚 body until she decays. He has no choice but to leave her. This is the will of that God she spoke so fondly of.
He realizes now that his services are needed elsewhere. Departing from this place, he sets off on a mission unknown to even him. Wandering into the Teekon, he has no idea what he鈥檚 getting himself into this time. Will his reverence be able to bring wealth and luck to this land? Or will he bring something else along with him?

Pack History
^ Oct. 31, 2020 - Present

^ Oct. 21, 2020 - Oct. 31, 2020
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For detailed info visit O鈥橫ally鈥檚 Trade Log.


[Image: 333.png]

Though O鈥橫ally isn鈥檛 a necessarily a 333 rated character I will still write him as such.
I also hope to not offend anyone of any religious beliefs, for O鈥橫ally is a slightly toxic, religious character.
If you are planning on threading with him and are offended by/bothered by either of these please pm me. For he will be played as so until you specify otherwise.

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Sequoia Coast

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