Profile of Valmúa: Quick Facts
Played By: Zina
Basic Info
Full Name: Valmúa af Stormskýli
Subspecies: Interior Alaskan
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (January 14th, 2017)
Birthplace: Alaska
At a Glance

by Lieu

medium size · slender · wild eyes
Profile of Valmúa: Details
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A well-muscled woman with a thick coat that is mostly cinnamon, rust, and rich chocolate in colour, Valmúa is a classic ginger northerner. Her copper-masked face and underbelly are toned with light grey, while dark chocolate and russet line the top of her head and a saddle on her back. Her eyes are a wild silver. Her most obvious feature is the fur on her neck, which is the pale cream and gold of her brother Stjor.
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Valmúa is an easily frustrated woman with a short fuse and no real concept of consequences for her actions. She is crude, manipulative, and can be quite rude. Like her siblings, she is a hedonistic beast. Unlike her brothers, she is more in tune with her and other's emotions. Her voice is a gruff alto with an Icelandic accent.
◆ fearless
◆ lewd
◆ high-maintenance
◆ quick-tempered
◆ manipulative

◆ sparring
◆ flirting
◆ mind expansion
to be discovered
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The fire woman came to the far south Wilds following the call, a sacred thing called the hringja. It led her to her brothers, Stjornuati and Solpallur, who had taken ahold of the mountain of ravens — the Raven's Watch would be the home of the partnered brothers. Valmúa wanted to be a part of it.

Shortly after her arrival, they recruited Kigipigak, a young male of Tartok who had come with his own ideas in mind on who might rule the Watch. The suggestion that the fire sister should lead instead was planted in her mind, and Kigipigak and the sister came together to plot the long term takeover that would make her Issumatar, with the young male her right hand. Kigipigak would recruit women that would marry the leading brothers, forcing weakness into them by giving them children and thus new responsibilities. Valmúa would use this opportunity to assume power and extricate them from leadership.

The convoluted plot was quickly discovered, and the Tartok and sister were subjugated to a sentence that chained them to the Watch. Not long after, the brothers Rokkvi, Stjornuati, and Solpallur heard the sacred call again and left he Watch, but not before damaging the fire sister's pride.

Now, she sits in the Hushed Willows, inviting in any and all who need life to disappear, if only for a few hours.


Solpallur (half)
Rökkvi (half)
Pack History
Stormhaven Keep — 2017 - 2020
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