Profile of Melaine: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Melaine Vitale
Subspecies: Timber x Mackenzie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (5/18/2019)
Birthplace: The Outer Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Melaine: Details
Lane is a medium-sized female. She has a cinnamon-and-cream pelt with timber markings across her back, neck, and face. Most notable are the dark markings under her eyes, which resemble war paint. She has curious amber eyes and a fleeting smile.
As many teens do, Lane has a decidedly black-and-white approach to life and her inner thoughts are often critical-- both of herself, and others. Fortunately, she's adept at taking the temperature of her surroundings and responding accordingly. Lane is even-tempered and never one to escalate a situation.

She is a practical, down-to-earth girl and thinks little of those who wrapped up in religion or spirituality. Big emotions are also somewhat out of her wheelhouse, and she avoids the more touchy-feely parts of the caregiving trade.

Lane's character falls somewhere on the spectrum between neutral good and chaotic good. Her leaning will be influenced by how she experiences pack life in the months to come.

I'm allowing Lane's personality to develop in-character, and I'll update this section as more traits emerge.
Lane was born to a pair of traveling medics. Like all the Vitale children, she was trained up in the family trade and then encouraged to disperse once she became proficient.

Lane arrived in the Teekons and began plying her trade as she was taught. She’s not much of a joiner-- her parents always warned her away from pack life-- but she found herself in a tough spot during the blizzards of January 2021 and she sheltered with Firefly Glen. She intends for it to be a temporary arrangement.
If you are interested in playing a sibling of Lane’s or another extended family member, just let me know! Lane has older and younger siblings of all sorts, some she knows and many she doesn’t. Name/ age/ sex up to the player!
Profile of Melaine: Additional Information
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