Profile of Lane: Quick Facts
Dawnthieves; photos by Bine G.
Mate to Tuuluuwaq
Played By: Zoo
Basic Info
Full Name: Melaine "Lane" Vitale Tatkret
Subspecies: Timber x Mackenzie Valley
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (5/18/2019)
Birthplace: The Outer Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: 9YFlAAs.jpg?2]
Profile of Lane: Details
Lane is a medium-sized female. She has a cinnamon-and-cream pelt with timber markings across her back, neck, and face. Most notable are the dark markings under her eyes, which resemble war paint. She has dancing amber eyes and a wry half-smile that characterize her near-constant expression of amusement.
Lane's character falls more or less within the chaotic good domain. She believes in doing the right thing for the sake of it, and she will strive to do right by others despite what pack law or tradition may dictate.

Lane has developed from a decidedly black-and-white approach to life to seeing life as a vast tapestry of gray area. Leadership and motherhood are to blame for this shift; much to her own chagrin, she is often contradicting her own previously-held beliefs and making choices she never imagined she would have to make, all for the sake of her pack and her children. Lane struggles with this, constantly torn between what is right and her responsibilities.

Perhaps because of this duality, Lane's inner thoughts are often critical-- both of herself, and others. Fortunately, she's adept at taking the temperature of her surroundings and responding accordingly. Lane is even-tempered and not typically one to escalate a situation.

She is a practical, down-to-earth girl and thinks little of those who are wrapped up in religion or spirituality. She avoids the more touchy-feely parts of the caregiving trade, although motherhood has added much more depth and range to Lane's emotional expression. A newfound protectiveness has emerged within her, and although she is still a wanderer at heart, she has developed loyalty to her bonded packmates and of course, her children.
Lane was born to a pair of traveling medics. Like all the Vitale children, she was trained up in the family trade and then encouraged to disperse once she became proficient.

Lane arrived in the Teekons and began plying her trade as she was taught. During the blizzards of January 2021, she sheltered with Firefly Glen. She intended for it to be a temporary arrangement, but she ended up remaining with the Glen wolves until the pack disbanded in the wake of a meteor impact.

Lane was invited to join Moonglow with the rest of the Firefly Glen refugees, and she decided to take some time to think about the decision. She wandered north, where she stayed with the Duskfire Glacier wolves for a few weeks and helped them become an established pack. During the course of her stay, she became accidentally pregnant after a fling with the pack's alpha, Wintersbane. In light of her situation, Lane decided to stay with the pack as a permanent member.

As a result of a freak accident, Duskfire Glacier's alphas were incapacitated. Lane stepped up to temporary leadership alongside Issorartuyok. These leadership positions became permanent when death claimed Duskfire's former alphas. Misfortune continued to rain down on the Duskfire wolves as winter stretched on, and the pack was forced to relocate when a prion disease wiped out the taiga's caribou herd. Despite the pack's troubles, love blossomed between Lane and Tuuluuwaq, who was Issorartuyok's brother. The pair began courting while the pack prepared to move to the Hinterlands.

Duskfire Glacier became Atautsikut after relocating to Nimbus Summit, and there Lane and Issorartuyok hope to establish a new legacy for the wolves who follow them.

Pack Membership

January 19, 2021- April 7, 2021

April 10, 2021- February 10, 2022

February 10, 2022- present
Children by Wintersbane:
Wayfarer Duskfire June 25, 2021
Veteran Duskfire June 25, 2021

Mate: Tuuluuwaq

Apprentice: Caracal

If you are interested in playing a sibling of Lane’s or another extended family member, just let me know! Lane has older and younger siblings of all sorts, some she knows and many she doesn’t. Name/ age/ sex up to the player, just keep in mind that they would have been raised with extensive herbal and medical training. According to family tradition, only wolves who become proficient in medicine are permitted to carry and pass down the Vitale surname.
Profile of Lane: Additional Information
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