Profile of Arcas: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Arcas
Previously: Reinhardt Anan
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 (May 2018)
Birthplace: Black Creek, Vancouver Island.
At a Glance
Sea-spray over dry summer grass; tall, narrow, spry.
Profile of Arcas: Details
Very interested in natural phenomena such as storms, seasonal transitions, constellations, and aspects of ecology.
[Image: n2mNyfc.png]

— A cinnamon undercoat.
— Mixed silver-to-sterling overcoat.
— Brackish warm-tone over everything.
— Grey eyes.

(( 32" T / 5' L / 65lbs W ))
Equipped with a distorted love map.
This is characterized by a particular kind of attachment pattern labelled disorganized. This means they seek to regulate their fluctuating anxiety by constantly pursuing the attention and affection of other individuals only to feel suffocated by that same attention.
In Arcas' case, he is simultaneously afraid of being overwhelmed and consumed by others as well as abandoned by them; fearing the build-up of a relationship because they only see abandonment as the ultimate outcome while craving—and dreading—social connections.
He looks for connections from men primarily, as his father was his idol and rarely present. Women hold less of an interest to him due to the manner in which his home was structured; the women were effectively a harem and a poorly treated one, so he learned quickly not to be empathetic or sympathetic towards the opposite sex, and otherwise ignores them completely.
Father: Lukja Anan
Mother: Camilla
Littermates: Unnamed , Unnamed .
Siblings: Figment Redhawk, Fennec Redhawk (via Camilla); Various (via Lukja).
Pack History
The Company
(Child; Teen; Pledge; Henchman; Dispersal.)

Sagtannet Rivenwood
Profile of Arcas: Additional Information
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