Profile of Vein: Quick Facts
Healer & Shaman Priest
Mate to Aerin
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Vein Bonesplinter
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.2 (September 2018)
Birthplace: Canadian Wilds
At a Glance
Large Male
Height 36 inches
approximately Weighs 200 Pounds could possibly be almost overweight; he never misses a meal
Dark Golden Eyes,
White Pelt usually dirty often with blood painted upon him for some religious ceremony
His scent is typically masked somewhat by the scent of dirt and perhaps a bit of stale blood.
Vein's Voice Claim
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Profile of Vein: Details
You are looking at a large male standing at a height 36 inches he weighs in at approximately 200 Pounds
He has intelligent yet severe Golden eyes, akin to the color of the Sun he so worships.
His thick pelt is wholly white, though he tends to mar it with dirt and or blood in compliance to the god wishes.
He is a serious and religious wolf, he considers himself a High Priest practicing a religion based loosely of the Mayan culture. Blood sacrifices are required every change of season and before major life changes. The gods want blood not usually death, though death is sometimes warranted, And the whims of the gods must be observed. He is incredibly adept at both worshiping his gods and healing, of course payment of food is preferable for any his services

He eats constantly and will over eat if given the opportunity, And he'll steal into any and all unprotected caches, he is far to important to the gods to go hungry.

He has a multitude of herb caches for healing purposes, some of which hold rare herbs carried from his journeys across the continent He also will have a few gardens growing around the teekon wilds in the spring to cultivate the more rare samples of his herbs . He also collects and keeps macabre items for his ceremonies, including but not limited to a owl skulls, a large wolf skull, a moose skull complete with decorated antlers, he sometimes wears for specific rituals.
Vein was born in a human ridden area, his pack was eventually hunted and destroyed or trapped and killed. His mother was a healer and taught him how to treat wounds on the rest of the pack caused by the war with the humans. His medical training was thorough and well practiced, wounds inflicted by humans often not heal well, but his ministrations soon surpassed even his Mothers skills as he had some intuitive knowledge when he worked with plants. His mother one night called his breakthrough's a gift from god, this off the paw comment alone was the reason he sought to gain favour from god.

He was barely over 6 months old when he had been about to wander into a snare, some sixth sense or something stopped him. Hearing noises he hid and watched as his sire who had been able to elude the humans thus far because trapped. He tried to save his sire but nothing they did helped and during the night his last blood relative succumbed to the gods call and breathed his last.

Vein painted himself in his sire’s blood and preformed a ceremony to condemn his sire’s soul as he had condemned his pack in an un-winnable war. When the human came to collect the body they left him for dead, assuming he was covered in wounds by the blood coating him. Humans being unable to get the snare off the body cut off his sire’s head and proceeded to take only the body away.

Vein watched the humans leave then took the only thing of his birth pack left to him and not being as stubborn as his sire he too left. He ventured from one end of the continent toward the other end gathering tools, skills and rare herbs during his travels. Not staying long in any one location, however along the way, Vein learned of plants that could cause him to go into trances, which allowed him to continue to commune with the gods as he traveled.

Now he consults with the gods over most actions he takes, and offers his healing skills to most wolves that require it. Though he will expect payment for his time and herbs are valuable to him.

He was told by the gods to seek a pack in the Tuktu Hinterlands and found the Saint of the Dying light where he met with acolyte and wife Aerin, They chose a last name to pass to their decedents and when she became pregnant, he became ferociously protective of her.
Pack History
Saints of the Dying Light
Profile of Vein: Additional Information
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I also hope to not offend anyone of any religious beliefs. His religion is known only to him and is based very loosely off Mayan Religion. His beliefs are not my beliefs.
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