Profile of Tabriëlle: Quick Facts

Played By: RWBY
Basic Info
Full Name: Tabriëlle
Subspecies: Wolf (Artic)
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (2/09/2018)
Birthplace: Alaska- Shovel Creek
At a Glance
Mental Health 1d10

I will /roll a 1d10 every Friday to determine Tabriëlle's mental health. Low numbers indicate she is struggling with her past and may be experiencing psychological distress and/or side effects. (This will correlate with her physical health as well)

1) Experiences emotional breakdown
2) Severely struggling with trauma
3) Slightly struggling with trauma
4) Slightly struggling with trauma
5) Mental state neutral/No Impact
6) Mental state neutral/No Impact
7) Good emotional state
8) Good emotional state
9) Excellent emotional state
10) Emotional breakthrough

Current Status: Excellent emotional state
Profile of Tabriëlle: Details

- Dainty, ethereal frame that stands below-average height.
- Elegant, silken arctic coat.
- White, alabaster, and translucent coloration.
- Shifty, despondent blue eyes.

Curiously both observant and inopportunely oblivious, Tabriëlle can be seen scuttling amid the undergrowth. Although her legs are noticeably long (disproportionately to the rest of her body), she carries herself as if she believes she is much smaller than she is.

Although drawn to pack life, Tabriëlle is considerably skittish (even easily frightened). This will often make hunting a daunting (if not seemingly impossible) task as she is constantly startling herself.
A lone she-wolf cautiously approaches-- all resemblances of equanimity disintegrating with each step. Her coat is immediately striking, illuminating colors of silver and white, transient hues dance eerily to silent melodies. Two ghost-likes eyes peer out from a shell of a face. Upon close inspection, one would see Tabriëlle's petite frame beneath her silken coat lined with distinct burn scars.

Alaska on Fire, 2019

Shovel Creek Fire, 2019[/img]
Birthplace - Shovel Creek
Sister Creek - Thistle Creek
Running into - Solomon River
Territory - Shovel Creek Forest

Father - Echo (deceased)
Mother- Ewëlllyn (missing)
Younger sister- Tamriëlle (deceased)
Pack History
SCF Wolfpack - past
Lone Wolf - current
Profile of Tabriëlle: Additional Information
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- I am most active M-F and not so active on the weekends
- Please PM me if you feel my response time is too slow^^
- I'm always willing to discuss threads!
- I try to prioritize plot-heavy threads, but if I am not quick enough, please message me

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Character Notes
- I don't mind powerplay/assumptions, just tag me or PM me if you are unsure
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