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Basic Info
Full Name: "Experiment 336" AKA Douglass
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (23th of August 2017)
Birthplace: Small Creek forest
At a Glance
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Profile of Douglass: Details
* This is a concept image from Wolvden, all credit belongs to them *
Douglass is mostly a mix of pale tawny colours and a rosy hue. His back is predominantly black, with a slightly more red hue dusting his legs and snout. His eyes are an eerie white, accented by light brows yet a dusky black "eyeshadow". He's average in stature and build, truly nothing special in that department.

[Image: geF3G0K.png]

Douglass was but a wee lad when his parents were shot and killed by a couple of hunters in the forest his family inhabited. He hid beneath the foliage and escaped the hunters' grasp and sight. He wandered for a while before stumbling on a pile of blue berries, stacked neatly in the shape of a pyramid. The little guy ate as much as his heart desired before falling into a deep slumber. He was rudely awoken when a creature on two legs approached him and tried to pet him, cooing softly and sweetly.

He growled and tried to bite the creature, but it offered him a piece of salty goodness. It tasted like meat, but smelled different than anything he'd ever had. The creature wore a coat of white, stained here and there by dirt and the juices of berries. On its nose, a see-through device slid to and fro when it moved.

The creature took him in - this is where Douglass got both his experiment code 336 and was assigned the name "Douglass" informally. The creature, who dubbed himself "human" or "master" or "professor", took care of him from that moment on. Douglass was happiest when his master let him watch in on important experiments or listen to old logs. Often they went into the forest, where Douglass learned to hunt and track, but never did it occur to him that, someday, he must return there.

Douglass' passions lay with biology and chemistry, though anything his master taught him was endlessly interesting. He learned the Latin names for the animals of the forest, how weather worked, how to recognize minerals and crystals... Until one day, experiment 794 blew up the lab... and his master. He'd been out when it happened. Returning home that day to nothing spurred him to run, far and away, until he came across the sanctuary of the Wilderness.
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