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Full Name: Imperia
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.1 (Oct 2019)
Birthplace: Canada
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She is 22 inches tall about 80 pounds, Her pelt has a Ruddy reddish darker colour along her back ended in a back tail. Her legs are a tawny brown and her face sports a white muzzle from her golden eyes down to a point on her chest.
She is known for her stubborn loyalty. The idea of keeping a secret from her alpha is an awful thought to her. She dislikes keeping secrets, and is bad at lying. She isn't exactly brave or heroic, preferring to stay on the sidelines and helping that way.
Imperia left her birth pack as most young wolves did in her birthplace she wandered alone for a while before finding herself in the teekon wilds. Hoping to join a pack eventually, she doesn't have plans of grandeur she just want to serve her pack in anyway necessary.
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