Profile of Zola: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Zola Abara
Subspecies: Wolf (100% Ethiopian)
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old (July 17, 2017)
Birthplace: Africa
At A Glance
has a heavy african accent and can speak swahili
is bisexual with a female preference
smells like lavender mixed with fresh earth
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Profile of Zola: Details
zola is a woman with curves and a mouth to back up her words. she is a spitfire, unwilling to be weighed down by her gender. has a more masculine gait, with longer ears and shorter fur. winter is a challenge she has not faced yet.

various scarring now healed cover her body. the result of her warrior training. her paw pads are rough and hardy, able to travel long distances. she has an earthen look to her - mixed with browns, beiges and whites. her eyes are amber.
culture is very important to Zola, as is religion. she is devout to her gods (a mixture of various african deities) and can speak her language fluently much to the confusion of many in these wilds. she is exotic but not vain about her features. prefers to wrestle and exercise daily. will trek long distances to achieve her goals - whatever they are.

she is difficult to insult, for she shrugs them off. humble and down to earth. violent and fierce when angered. will throw herself into danger to protect another being, whoever they are does not matter. trapped in the wilds, she entertains herself as a loner for now. unwilling to trust large communities for fear they will make her convert to their ways.

is loyal, confident, brave and headstrong.
arrives in the teekon wilds year 2020 of winter. born in africa, on the savannah. was captured by humans and brought west, where she eventually escaped into the wilds. lacks a tracking chip for the humans acquired her illegally.

zola abara is part of the abara family, long standing in her homeland as warriors (men) and wives (women). challenged her fate by appealing to the elders of her tribe; she would go into the world and bring back something of value. something to add to their culture.

a year of searching alone, she stumbles upon cave paintings depicting their 'gods'. the result of her find opens new traditions and religious belief, allowing the elders to find the young woman worthy of being trained as a warrior. this opens the way for other girls in the tribe.

another year goes by and she is eventually graduates the harsh training involved. fate is unkind and she is captured by humans near her fourth year. is taken away from her home and thrust into a new land with new challenges.
mother - alive
father - alive

various brothers and sisters - alive
Profile of Zola: Additional Information
zola is based respectfully on african culture and religion. the primary tongue she speaks is swahili and her culture is mainly based on zulu tradition.
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