Profile of Allana: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Allana "RedCloud" Carnahan
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (March 2017)
Birthplace: Grassy valley at the base of a mountain
At A Glance
Allana is capable of caring for herself, and it shows as much with her level head. While Allana is hard to read sometimes, she seems pretty normal outwardly.
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Profile of Allana: Details
Allana's body structure is considered "average" for her build holds muscle tone, but isn't lanky or skinny like runners can be. Even her legs seem to be about the same length as everyone elses. Allana was flexible, capable of flexing joints to a larger degree than others could. Much of it was the result of stretching for her entire life so that she remained fluid. Allana was able to slide under narrow and tight spaces if she wanted to a certain degree.

In regards to her coat, it's not as thick as others. Allana has a slimmer coat in the summer, and a slightly thinner coat in winter. Shades of earthy brown and copper reds swept in the middle of creams and blacks, creating a blanket that covered her from nose to tail. Soft shades of cream and white covered her underbelly, legs, throat, and chest to contrast against the dark. Bright apple green eyes glowed brightly, and when the sun hit it just right, it was easy to see dark emerald weaving about in certain places.
Type: ENFJ
Capricorn mentality

Allana is independent. Some say too independent. Being as prideful as she is, Allana dislikes asking for help as she wants to do everything herself. This quirk has to do with her history and always being doted on. Being a girl like her doesn't mean she couldn't do guys work either. Allana liked being independent and making choices for herself, choosing her own destiny, and other things like that. Even if she had lessons to learn, Allana's "go getter" attitude would spear her onward no matter the obstacle. Occasionally, this would lead to stubbornness and get her into trouble.

Allana's patience had tempered out quite well since moving off on her own, except when she's excited or trying to get something specific done. Allana is easily considered a workaholic. If she's given a job, the woman will see it done no matter how long it takes. As a natural born leader, Allana can spearhead an operation or assist its continuation with little trouble.

Compassion, kindness, and loyalty are all foundations of her personality. She believes that there is good in everyone, even in the darkest individuals - lest they be subject to utter insanity. Respect is earned, but freely given at a basic level upon first meeting someone. Treat others how you wish to be treated, that was one of her mottos. Depending on the day, most of the time that was how she operated.
Allana was born in a pack that considered itself closely connected to the world around it, with the circle of life often talked about. Not as religious or spiritual zealots, but that her family pack appreciated all that life had to offer and made an effort to give thanks to the world. In her pack, it was the womens responsibility to choose a role where as the men were considered defenders and guardians.

As Allana got older, being that she was of importance to the pack due to her parents ranks, Allana became tired of being doted on. Becoming a healer or assisting with pups was one thing, but to do some of the work the men did would be better. However, the pack wouldn't bend traditions based on what she liked or disliked, as it had been that way for many generations. It worked for the pack so she couldn't blame them. However, something in her soul was calling out, and it bothered her so much that she needed to go out on her own. With her family's blessing, she was permitted to leave and thus made the trek to new lands near Great Bear Wilderness to begin a life of her own.
Pack History
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Home Pack: March 2017 to January 2021
Presently Loner status
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