Profile of Alduin: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Alduin Malacath Deagon-Sandraudiga [Pronunciation: Al-doo-in or Al-doo-een]
Subspecies: 50% Arctic Wolf | 25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf | 25% Akita
Size: Small, Pudgy
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 0 years | 5 months (March 30, 2021)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath
At a Glance
Currently traveling with Asperas[Image: giphy.gif]Thread Titles From Your Love by Glass Animals
Profile of Alduin: Details


Art by Me (Malia)

Art by Pherigo

Art by Leigh


Art by Me (Malia)

Art by Me (Malia)


Tiny, pudgy.
A rather large pup for his age, Alduin is still rocking a lot of his puppy fat. His body is beginning to grow into those enormous paws of his. The brindle lining his coat becomes a bit more defined, no longer resembling blobs of silvers, blacks, and white. Rather, small stripes and shapes begin to sharpen. Guard hairs have begun to sprout along his nape, back, and tail. Those innocent, baby blue puppy eyes have completely faded —turning into the mischievous, ruby red he’ll be sporting throughout the remainder of his adulthood.


195 lbs.
Gigantic, muscular.
36 inches at the shoulder.
Giant and daunting, his fur is a melting pot of metallic silvers and Midnight black. Adopting the brindle from his father, Kynareth Deagon, and the deep black from his grandfather, Mehrunes Deagon. His form is heavy; well built with solid muscle. From his large, wide-set head and shorter muzzle to his tightly curled tail and thick, well muscled legs, he takes much of his appearance from his Akita lineage.
His eyes are a deep, hellfire red, the promise of destruction with no remorse swirling within their bloody depths. Two bright, circular brows sit pretty atop his eyes as a mask of deep black spreads out from his muzzle and drips down his chest and stomach. Alduin’s jaws are powerful; with black gums and tongue, his teeth are long, deadly and unhesitant to kill.
Lastly, A small streak of pale white cuts vertically over the black expanse of his chest, directly in the middle. With large, strong paws, dark stockings creep up his thick limbs and fade into a beautiful silver brindle.


A scar falls vertically down from the outside edge of his brow, over his eye, and slightly onto the cheek over the right side of his face. Along with another, much smaller one, sliding down his lips on the left side of his muzzle. As well as many jagged, deep, and messy scars over the base of his neck and shoulders from the surprise attack done by Sasha.


Bad! Has existing injuries of a broken leg, cracked ribs, concussion. Plus many lacerations and scrapes from his tussle with Sasha.

Also bad! Suffering from a severe personality shift due to trauma from his tussle with Sasha.


You are a 'Neutral Evil' person. Unfortunately, you are an insensible and greedy person who uses evil to achieve your goals. Money, wealth and fame are everything to you, and to achieve that you can even kill innocent people. In your opinion, law and chaos are meaningless and the principle is only evil. On the other hand, you would never betray your friends for personal gain.
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With little to no morals, he is harsh and critically sarcastic when he feels the need to be. Expecting most, if not all, to bow to his will or expect his fury to make them do it himself. Due to the endless amounts of physical and mental training from his father, he will show no mercy to those who deserve it and even less to those who don’t.
Alduin is dominant by nature and through training. He’ll be known to always exhibit physical signs of dominance. Alduin will also expect all who come across him to show physical, or vocal, signs of submission. He will be actively looking for them and, if left unsatisfied, will assert his dominance physically if necessary. The silver devil isn’t easily swayed by anyone. No matter the gender, rank, appearance, or personality — once his mind is set, it is set for good.
Unwilling to think anyone, probably besides his own kin, above himself. As age comes, Alduin will quickly adopt a God Complex — thinking himself the only true and worthy wolf to walk this world; never to wilt away in the earth as the common do, but to rule for all eternity — a god among men.

Will be developed more over time.


Little homie is finally born!
Alduin goes through an extreme personality shift due to being severely traumatized by getting attacked by Sasha in the Strath.
After moving to Redsand Canyon, Alduin is recovering from his attack from Sasha. Alduin attempts to put his fear behind him by venturing off into the wilds. Which leads to another traumatic event: being swept away into a rushing river in the dead of night. Which results in him being found by the alpha of Moonglow, Kukutux, where he would spend some time recuperating from his injuries.

Son of Kynareth Deagon & Simmik Sandraudiga
Brother to Atka , Tulok , & Meridia
Pack History

^ [Kappa] Aug. 05, 2021 - Present

^ [Dagger] March 30, 2021 - Aug. 05, 2021
Profile of Alduin: Additional Information
Registered on January 27, 2021, last visited September 06, 2021, 06:15 PM

Base: 5/5

Warrior: 2/15
Guardian: 1/15
Tactician: 0/15

Master Warrior: 0/20
Master Guardian: 0/20
Master Tactician: 0/20

For detailed info visit Alduin’s Trade Log.





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Alduin is a mature character and is meant for mature audiences due to his orientation with violent themes.
If you are planning on threading with him and are strongly against this please pm me. For he will be played as so until specified otherwise.

Sunspire Mountains: Redsand Canyon


Darth Vader From Star Wars
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