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Played By: landry
Basic Info
Full Name: Iḷitqusiq
Titled: Hunter
Formerly: Patroclus

Subspecies: Wolf (Mix)
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 10th, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
Profile of Iḷitqusiq: Details

❝ i keep calling up your number but there's nobody there

32 Inches — 105 Pounds — Dull russet tones that lighten and deepen along with burnt edges. Dark yellow eyes. Currently immobile with a broken ankle, teetering into being underweight.
... you're like a pin ball wizard with your wave in your hair ❞

❝ you keep acting like it's nothing but i know that you care

... i saw your heart crack open and its smell in the air ❞

❝ i don't need to be the only i could be your sometimes

... just leave a small space for me the back of your mind ❞
INTEREST · Kynareth
Pack History
HALCYON EMPIRE · Childhood home.
SAINTS OF THE DYING LIGHT · Underling → Specialist
MOONGLOW · Kappa →
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Registered on February 12, 2021, last visited 2 hours ago
All of Patroclus' speech and thought is from his own character-driven perspective. He is prone to dramatics and unreliable narration.
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left hind ankle is mending from a break. mobility is limited and painful.
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Player Notes
· Patroclus is my primary character with posts almost daily.

· In group threads, I encourage you to skip me after 48 hours unless otherwise stated.

· I like loose plots. Rough ideas that are mainly sorted and played out IC!.
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