Profile of Patroclus: Quick Facts

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Saints Of The Dying Light

Basic Info
Full Name: Patroclus
Subspecies: Wolf (Mix)
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 10th, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Patroclus: Details

❝ i keep calling up your number but there's nobody there

32 Inches — 105 Pounds — Dull russet tones that lighten and deepen along with burnt edges. Dark yellow eyes. Clearly youthful in movement still.
... you're like a pin ball wizard with your wave in your hair ❞

❝ you keep acting like it's nothing but i know that you care

Patroclus requires structure to function in the long term. He sees himself as a strict, lawful individual but needs laws to enforce. A follower at heart.

essence — tenderness, yearning, romantic struggle, mental mysteries, supportive figure.

... i saw your heart crack open and its smell in the air ❞

❝ i don't need to be the only i could be your sometimes

All his life he had played the sidekick. Admittedly, this never bothered him. He grew up content to support others and found he even thrived by doing so — soon enough well known as a trusted partner for most activities. Although soon he grew old enough that him and his siblings were expected to go do things of their own.

Patroclus, however, had left with hopes to find someone else's things to support.

... just leave a small space for me the back of your mind ❞
Pack History
INTEREST · Kynareth
HALCYON EMPIRE · Childhood home.
SAINTS OF THE DYING LIGHT · Underling → Specialist
Profile of Patroclus: Additional Information
All of Patroclus' speech and thought is from his own character-driven perspective. He is prone to dramatics and unreliable narration.
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