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Basic Info
Full Name: Endre
Subspecies: 50% arctic wolf, 50% timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (11/15/2018)
Birthplace: Very far north of Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Endre: Details
Large and lean. Built for stealth and speed, but lean muscles cover his body from a nomadic life.

Thick, sleek coat of dark, gunmetal grey鈥攁lmost black.

Bright silver eyes. His gaze perceptive and judgmental.

Various scars cover his body, proof of a life of hardship.

Proud, arrogant, intelligent. Can be volatile if provoked. A burning temper kept just below the surface, most would never know it existed unless they've felt the claws of his vicious anger. Does not take perceived disrespect well; it is the easiest way to bring his anger to the surface.

Fiercely protective of what he deems as his. Does not settle down easily after a nomadic life traveling with his brother. Few things can tame the wild need to wander.
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