Profile of Iana: Quick Facts
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Played By: landry
Basic Info
Full Name: Iana
Subspecies: Wolf (Mix)
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (February 14th, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
Profile of Iana: Details

❝ Oh, peach pit, where'd the hours go?

30 Inches
90 Pounds

Small, distinctly feminine in build. Pale and slender. Marked by darker accents. Expressive eyes colored light, spring green. Often smells earthy and almost medicinal.

... when your orange skin began to glow ❞

❝ From a hanging branch in gardens home ...

Soft spoken, albeit a bit distant (perhaps...wistful) by nature. Inclined to be nurturing. Often seems perpetually tired or fatigued with her lulled speech and actions.
... not much is hidden underneath. ❞
Profile of Iana: Additional Information
Registered on February 18, 2021, last visited (Hidden)
Player Notes
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· Iana is a primary character, likely to have posts daily or every other day.

· I post when I am free to! I prefer sprees when I'm free as my schedule IRL is a bit inconsistent.

· In group threads, I encourage you to skip me after 48 hours unless otherwise stated.

· I like loose plots. Rough ideas that are mainly sorted and played out IC!

· I'm always looking to improve and as such, my style might change as I try new things.
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