Profile of Witch: Quick Facts
av manip by ebony, photo from dawnthieves <3
[font=Cambria][i][url=]what i do to you is witchcraft[/url][/i][/font]
Played By: m
Basic Info
Full Name: witch of rivenwood
Subspecies: wolf, mixed
Size: Tiny, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 0 (may 12, 2021)
Birthplace: rivenwood (noctisardor bypass, teekon wilds)
At a Glance
Profile of Witch: Details
white with mixed gray accents, some in a piebald pattern especially around her dark gray ears and shoulders. dark gray muzzle. dark gray to black blackthorn stripe down her back. her eyes are both bright green.

[Image: tumblr_pbidj5ilCq1w9cr3bo1_500.gifv]
[Image: tumblr_pbidj5ilCq1w9cr3bo2_400.gifv]
a well written description of her personality will go here someday...
taurus sun (identity) — the nature-loving, the treasure-collector
consistent, patient, generous, resourceful, determined, thoughtful
complacent, stubborn, resentful, obsessive, possessive

leo rising (social personality) — the radiant
courageous, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, self-assured, loyal
stubborn, incorrigible, vain, jealous, self-centered

gemini moon (soul; subconscious) — the curious explorer
intelligent, articulate, curious, playful, adaptable, social, light-hearted
clinical, shallow, inattentive, non-committal, tactless
parents: sequoia x penn
littermate: druid

witch is a descendant of the blackthorns via her biological father, penn, and is half-sibling to diantha , jasmine , and roswell . she is unaware of these ties.
Pack History
rivenwood (may 12, 2021 - present)
Profile of Witch: Additional Information
Registered on March 02, 2021, last visited 10 hours ago
vibe check: anne of green gables from anne with an e
Witch's Signature
members of rivenwood are welcome to minorly powerplay witch for continuity and cohesion; please just tag me! i will do my best to jump into tagged threads as often as i can.

current age ·

may 24 eyes open
may 27 milk teeth come in, begin weaning
june 3 standing & walking
june 8 ears perk up, play fighting begins
june 11 hearing & more teething
june 16 leave den accompanied
june 23 first words
july 7 eyes begin to change, limited vocabulary
july 14 allowed to be outside but close to den w/o supervision
july 17 allowed to roam pack territory w/o supervision
august 4 rapid growth begins; start losing milk teeth
august 12 fluent speaking
september 1 eyes fully transition to chartreuse
december 12 "young adult"
february 12 enter adult ranks
march 12 first heat
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Player Notes
hi! my name is emalee, m for short, and you might also know me as melee!

i direct a technology team at a tech giant, which sounds much more impressive than it really is. it does mean that i am a bit slower when it comes to posting; for each character, i try to post at least once per week. it's a good week if i can work in more than three per character. i will prioritize plot-important threads and will let you know in ooc notes if i am okay with being skipped in the post order for a given thread.

i'm a pretty chill roleplayer when it comes to ic events, so most of the time you don't need my consent to take a plot a certain way, do damage to my characters, etc. i try to plan very little ooc but i am happy to coordinate as needed!

i hang out on our discord 24/7 but am unlikely to respond between 9a-5p central time; otherwise, it's usually the better way to get in touch with me vs. private message. my handle is betwixtcraft#0666 (nickname in the server is melee).
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