Profile of Vesper: Quick Facts
B菐o B菐o

Basic Info
Full Name: Vesper Blackfeather
Subspecies: Gray Wolf x Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (March 25, 2021)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Vesper: Details
[Image: vesper-reference.png]
vesper's appearance mimics her namesake, the vesper bat. her undercoat, limbs, tail, muzzle and ears are black. her overcoat is a rusty brown agouti, dark along her crown and back before fading to tawny at her belly, her throat, and at the tufts of her back haunches; her dark undercoat often peaks through as she moves, giving her coat a liquid depth. her ears are unusually large for a wolf, especially compared to her petite frame, all side effects from her premature birth. her eyes are a burnt sienna orange, a mirror of her birth father's visage. despite her size disadvantage, vesper will grow to be surprisingly muscular and sturdy.

[Image: tumblr_ps3gsd7eHW1qjb0bwo2_r1_400.gifv] [Image: tumblr_ps3gsd7eHW1qjb0bwo4_r2_400.gifv]
a well written paragraph about her personality here... someday.
aries sun (identity) 鈥 the fearless leader, the honorbound warrior
direct, courageous, determined, loyal, reliable, protective
blunt, harsh, inconsiderate, self-destructive

capricorn rising (social personality) 鈥 the disciplined
persevering, coolheaded, discerning, pragmatic, dedicated, resilient
relentless, unforgiving, judgmental, inflexible, saturnine, self-isolating

leo moon (soul; subconscious) 鈥 the radiant
courageous, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, self-assured, loyal
stubborn, incorrigible, vain, jealous, self-centered
violently born in wheeling gull isle on 25 march 2021.
Pack History
parents: maegi x mou
siblings: blueberry , peregrine , prevost

unbeknownst to vesper, her biological parents are niamh x phox . as a result, blueberry is not actually her biological sibling, but vesper believes she is. vesper has direct biological connections to the redhawks via phox, and a step-connection to the blackthorns via niamh's previous litters. although she believes mou to be her biological father, he is actually her uncle.
yu猫l贸ng puppy (25 march 2021 - present)
Profile of Vesper: Additional Information
vibe check: nadja from what we do in the shadows
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hi! my name is emalee, m for short, and you might also know me as melee!

i direct a technology team at a tech giant, which sounds much more impressive than it really is. it does mean that i am a bit slower when it comes to posting; for each character, i try to post at least once per week. it's a good week if i can work in more than three per character. i will prioritize plot-important threads and will let you know in ooc notes if i am okay with being skipped in the post order for a given thread.

i'm a pretty chill roleplayer when it comes to ic events, so most of the time you don't need my consent to take a plot a certain way, do damage to my characters, etc. i try to plan very little ooc but i am happy to coordinate as needed!

i hang out on our discord 24/7 but am unlikely to respond between 9a-5p central time; otherwise, it's usually the better way to get in touch with me vs. private message. my handle is betwixtcraft#0666 (nickname in the server is melee).