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Basic Info
Full Name: Prevost
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: (3/25/21)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle
At A Glance
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Profile of Prevost: Details
Like the squirrel, Prevost is blanketed in a black cloak that is cut off by a white stripe down either side. The under belly and tail are bloodened alongside the legs.

Her eyes as she grows older will then have heterochromia. For now her eyes are a bright green.
Pack History
Phox - father
Niamh 鈥 - Biological mother
Maegi - Adopted mother
Mou - Adopted Father
Vesper - Sister
Peregrine- Brother

Yuelong - Bao Bao
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