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Basic Info
Full Name: Momotzli Ix Chel Bonesplinter Nicknames: "Momo"
Subspecies: Wolfdog (50% Mackenzie Valley x 25% Arctic x 25% Saluki)
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 0.2 (06/08/2021)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath, Tuktu Hinterlands (Saints of The Dying Light)
At a Glance
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Profile of Momotzli: Details
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“And I will turn you into a Goddess of your own right, a deity of monsters, a myth that will scare men for all the years and their seasons."

Athena to Medusa

A nympish creature, arched and curved with the golden spill of sunlight across willows -- the wild-eyed Maenad of Dionysus, lips stained with the berry of his wine. Daughter of a forbidden union between Hesperos and Selene, she is a sunbeam given flesh in the form of a halfling. Retaining more lupine blood than her mother and yet a true testament to the term: satin coat gilded in the halycon hues of a desert at dawn, features split almost perfectly down the middle to form a chimera's countenance, her appearance made all the more pleasing by a similarly mismatched gaze of solar and lunar light.

Ix Chel
goddess of the moon
lady rainbow

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"her heart is wisdom skinned and wit warmed splendor, the echo of a war cry holding its four chambers together."
Athena Girl

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Zodiac: Gemini / Tarot: The Tower / Aura: Pale Yellow / FC: Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

The progeny of a thousand lifetimes spent in captivity and bondage; she is borne of generations filled with suffering and oppression.

Lowborn. Insignificant. Lacking in power or resources.

And yet, the cries of dozens of mothers echoes in her blood. Artemis, a bitch who was put to death for biting the hand that feeds. Calypso, who was raped time and time again -- only to watch her children be stolen by the masters with every season. Silkworm, a woman driven mad by Calypso's same fate and abandoned to the winter when she could no longer fufill her purpose. Persephone, whose voice was taken. Necahual, the first to taste freedom -- and fight for it.

Momotzli is the first daughter of her line to be born without shackles. One of many in the descendants of a nameless Nahuatl priestess who gave her her magick.

A culmination of womens' rage. A byproduct of misogyny and whispers to just sit still, be quiet. The granddaughter of dams clawing their way to opportunity. The word 'bitch' is stamped on her forehead and screams in her veins.

She is hell given corporeal form and she is here to make sure the world tastes it.

Ixik Kab
lady earth
mother of the four Bacabs

[Image: 62470eb2d5d64f701fc7dea440a8774b.jpg]

"there are girls made of dark lace and witchcraft and a little bit of vice. these are girls made claw first and story-mad, tiger roar and wolf bad."
Difficult Damsels

conceived on 04/06/2021 by parents, Aerin and Vein.

born on 06/08/2021. shortly after, her father becomes addicted to poppy tea and her parents' marriage begins to fall apart.

Aerin disperses from the Saints whilst in the mountains, fleeing with Momotzli in tow.

Chak Chel
harbinger of destruction and death
destroyer of worlds

Maternal Granddam: Persephone "Perse"
Dam: Necahual Bonesplinter
Sire: Vein Bonesplinter
Siblings: Li , unnamed
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Registered on April 11, 2021, last visited October 12, 2021, 01:53 PM
Name Meaning: Momotzli -- Nahuatl word meaning platform or raised altar for sacrificial offerings and displays in pre-conquest style; shrines; mound, platform, etc., in colonial times. / Ix Chel -- (sometimes spelled Ixchel) is, according to longstanding archaeological tradition, the Mayan moon goddess, one of the most important and ancient of Maya deities, connected to fertility and procreation. Her name Ix Chel has been translated as “Lady Rainbow” or as “She of the Pale Face,” an allusion to the moon's surface.
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